10 interesting facts about spirits

10 interesting facts about spirits

Perfumery - science thin therefore any aroma demands that it was used intelligently. As spoke to Coco Chanel: Spirits are invisible, but unsurpassed accessory. Whether and you know everything about them?

Fact No. 1

All aromas consist of notes. Upper notes are introduction smell, averages - reflect the general nature of spirits, lower - are shown later, from them to a large extent and aroma depth depends.

Fact No. 2

When you vibirat spirits in shop, mistake will bring closely to nose lid or bottle. It is better to apply perfume to skin (for this purpose in many large retail networks there are testers). The fact is that on different people the same aroma can be shown differently, for example, oily skin perceives spirits quicker, than dry.

Council: Ideally, before pevy purchase of aroma in big bottle it is quite good to use sampler. Then you will know how these spirits will prove further.

Fact No. 3

It is not enough to choose successful perfume - it is necessary to learn to carry it still correctly. The aroma has to be caught slightly at distance no more than a meter, in other cases it will look vulgarly. Girls who are strongly smothered in hope in the mornings that so the smell long will not disappear make mistake. If you leave the house for the whole day, then put small bottle of perfume in handbag and periodically update aroma.

Fact No. 4

Before solemn exit apply aroma on those places where pulse is most quicker probed - it is wrist inside, elbow bend, whisky, behind lobes of ears.

Fact No. 5

You should not combine spirits with rezkopakhnushchy deodorants or hairsprays. However the neighbourhood with lotion or shower gel of the same series is admissible.

Fact No. 6

In the flying, as a rule, natural smells of body amplify therefore for everyday carrying it is better to use light, fresh and transparent aromas. On the contrary, heavy and saturated spirits, for example, east will be suitable for cold season.

Fact No. 7

Spirits should be kept in the dark place therefore you should not throw out box from them. Under the influence of direct sunshine the spirits spoil, getting unpleasant smell.

Fact No. 8

In microscopic doses add musk to some aromas (allocations from gonads of deer) or ambergris (undigested cachalot the remains of plankton). It is considered that such spirits attract opposite sex.

Fact No. 9

Choosing aroma, pay attention to inscription from packing. Parfum - spirits, in them the content of odorous oils is highest. Eau De Parfum - odorous water, Eau De Toilette - toilet water, Eau De Cologne - cologne. Two last cost cheaper as contain more alcohol.

Fact No. 10

Classical aromas are:

  • Chanel No. 5 / Coco Chanel
  • Poison / Christian Dior
  • Opium / Yves Saint Laurent
  • Anais Anais / Cacharel
  • Semiramis / San Sushi
  • Paloma Picasso / Paloma Picasso

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team