3 myths about creams

3 myths about creams

cream - the faithful assistant and the companion of each woman. Without it there does not pass any day. It seems to us that we know about it everything. But whether so it? Several widespread myths about this cosmetic.

Myth No. 1 Expensive cream is more effective and better cheap

Of course, tastes differ, also you should not agitate for purchase of inexpensive cream, but if to treat business seriously and objectively, then it is possible to find out that structures at sample expensive and cheap are identical. And in general, at all creams the structures are similar because cream basis: water or broth and oils. And further the producer already breaks into dance who what he is ready for. The price of cream does not reflect its efficiency at all, and reflects rather costs of packing, advertizing and tribute to trend. Council No. 1 Attentively compare composition of expensive and cheap creams

Myth No. 2 In night face cream is not present need if is day

Perhaps, but only so far you are younger than 25 years, and after it is already time. The thing is that gradual, sometimes and imperceptible to us withering of skin begins since 25 plus-minus few years. And night cream together with day are designed to remove this regrettable event for later term. Night cream is always stronger and more active than day. Because at night skin has a rest and is less subject to action of aggressive factors, producers do night cream by more saturated various active agents which, affecting skin, do by the morning it more equal and fresh. And the main calling of cream day - protection of skin in the afternoon from environment factors, is extremely adverse on it acting. Do not neglect council No. 2 use of night cream for the person.

Myth No. 3 In shop or drugstore can be bought completely natural cream

Alas and ah, but is not present. Completely natural it is possible either to make independently, or to buy from someone who makes. And if such cream is stored about a month even if and in the fridge, it is worth thinking. Absolutely natural cream will be stored in the fridge 2-3 days. Council No. 3 Attentively read full structure of cream. Even if it is stated by the producer as completely natural in structure preservatives, perhaps, and at the very end of structure have to be specified.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team