3 plain masks for all types of hair

3 plain masks for all types of hair

Magnificent hair were subject of pride of young ladies of different social groups and nationalities at all times. Long, smooth and well-groomed, they reminded silk which girls collected in the most inconceivable hairstyles. Not one dozen recipes of masks for hair has reached our days. Let's consider the simplest and effective which still ancient queens used.

  1. Clay in cosmetology has well proved – it helps beauties of the whole world to normalize work of time and sebaceous glands long ago, excellently cleans and disinfects. Masks on the basis of blue or white clay, speak, were held in high esteem at Nefertiti! The recipe of mask for hair has not strongly changed since then – clay is stirred with warm milk to consistence of sour cream and applied on the clean, slightly dried by towel hair for twenty minutes.
  2. If hair split and the dryness causes irritation of integument, then the following recipe perfectly will approach. Burdock and apricot oils mix up in equal shares, add 3 tablespoons of juice of lemon to them and evenly apply on dry hair, leaving under hat for two hours. To wash away only by means of large amount of flowing water.
  3. To eliminate dandruff, to make hair obedient and silky camomile, marjoram and plantain decoction will help. The crumb of black bread is added to it and in the form of gruel the mask is applied on integument of the head and on all length. All this keeps under hat hour then it is washed away by flowing warm water.

The large role in condition of hair bulbs is played by composition of water, the choice of paints or tonics, correctly picked up shampoos and balm. Also once a year follows to pass the trichologist that the expert could estimate damage rate of head of hear and prompt the plan for recovery of beauty. 

Such procedures as constant coloring, highlighting and chemical wave, do to hair essential harm. Modern curling tongs and various irons promote the fastest thinning of hair and, as a result, dryness and to hair loss. If it is impossible to do without similar procedures, then you should not hope that pair of masks will be able to change current situation in your advantage. Perhaps, it is worth paying attention to saloon procedures – keratin hair straightening and lamination of hair which will not just restore appearance of hair, but also will help to cope with many problems on their restoration.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team