3 secretion of healthy nails

3 secretion of healthy nails

Modern girls care for beauty of hands and nails it is not less, than about beauty of the person and hair, on hands often it is possible to determine the true age of the person. Having nails weak and fragile by nature, many girls decide on building with use of different technologies, but artificial nails are not practical and often disturb at implementation of daily affairs. In this regard there is question – how to make nails healthy and strong and whether it is possible?

The problem of diseases of nails consists in number of factors among which: shortage of vitamins and, first of all, calcium and also wrong care for them. Therefore secretion of healthy and strong nails consists in the following:

In order that nails had healthy appearance, C and D vitamins, groups B, biotin are required for them. From minerals the nails need large amount of zinc, folic acid, calcium and iron. Therefore if there is no opportunity to balance the diet so that as much as possible to enrich it with these vitamins and minerals, then it is worth buying complex of the corresponding additives in drugstore. Besides, it will be useful to enter into the menu the greens and berries containing folic acid in large number and vitamin C and also cottage cheese and dairy products.

Undoubtedly, the made-up nails give to female image completeness and charm, however, to minimize harm from such beauty, it is necessary to choose correctly the means which is applied on nails. It is necessary to refuse cheap varnishes and means for its removal as they roughly influence nail plate, thin it and deform. It is the best of all to choose soft means for removal of varnish without acetone and professional varnishes.

He assumes, first of all, protection of hands and nails during cleaning and work with aggressive substances. Protection of hands rubber gloves will help to reduce harmful effects of washing substances on nails and skin of hands. Nails also demand leaving and food. They should be cut in time. It is desirable to do it after reception of bathtub or shower when the nail plate is softened and gives in to trimming.

Besides undercutting, nails need additional food. If there is no opportunity to buy specialized oils for recovery of nails, then use of castor oil will become ideal option. It is enough to apply four times a week couple of drops of oil on nail plate, cuticle and to pound. The effect of it will be amazing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team