5 basic reasons of increase in stomach at women

5 basic reasons of increase in stomach at women

The pot-belly considerably worsens appearance, it is difficult to hide it under clothes. Effectively to eliminate fat deposits, it is necessary to find out the reasons of their emergence.

One of basic reasons of increase in stomach at women is overeating, the use of large number of sweet, flour, fat and salty, especially in the evening. To remove fat deposits on stomach, develop the system of healthy nutrition. The diet has to consist of healthy food. Products need to be boiled, baked or steamed. Portions have to be small, it is necessary to eat several times a day. Eat fruit and sweet in the first half of day. Do not gorge on for the night, the last meal has to be in 2 hours prior to dream. It is impossible to grow thin by means of starvation, low-calorie diets as at the same time cortisol which interferes with destruction of fat deposits is allocated stress hormone. And after the end of the period of starvation the weight will return again.

At unbalanced food in organism the deficiency of vitamins and microelements develops, the metabolism slows down. For the purpose of prevention it is recommended to accept vitamin and mineral complexes courses 2-3 times a year.

The low physical activity is the second reason of increase in stomach at women. In this case fat deposits can appear even on condition of healthy nutrition. Surely find time for physical exercises, on half an hour 2 times a week will be enough engaged at the beginning. It is possible to register in fitness, yoga. Foot walks will be useful. The inactive way of life and work at office often become bearing cause of infringement. Thereof internals are gradually displaced forward, it leads to increase in stomach. For the purpose of prevention it is regularly recommended to carry out set of exercises for bearing.

Some diseases, in particular, diabetes are the third reason of increase in stomach. It is followed by deterioration in health, emergence of strong thirst, hypostases. Also are followed by increase in body weight: menopause, some diseases of thyroid gland, obesity, renal failure, violations of work of nadpochenik (Itsenko-Cushing's syndrome). In this case it is necessary to see doctor.

The stress is the fourth reason of increase in stomach. At the same time in organism too much hormone of cortisol is produced, it promotes adjournment of excessive fat "for emergency". Besides at stresses at women the need for food often increases. The fifth reason - addictions. Alcohol in any quantities makes harmful effects both on health, and on figure. At hit in organism it is soaked up in stomach walls, at the same time food is acquired very badly and laid in fat deposits. Alcoholic beverages strongly increase appetite, as a result the quantity of eaten increases. And it affects figure not in the best way.

It is always necessary to remember that the beautiful appearance and alcohol is incompatible concepts.

Smoking has negative effect as considerably worsens metabolism on figure. Even if to pass to healthy nutrition smoothly from addiction, it will not bring desirable result.

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