5 rules for ideal legs in the flying

5 rules for ideal legs in the flying

Not all girls pay sufficient attention to condition of legs in the flying. And in summertime care and everyday leaving are especially necessary. Female legs constantly are exposed in the flying to external influence and stress: the scorching sun, long walks and open footwear, often the inconvenient, giving chance to stick street dust and dirt. As result — fatigue of legs, hypostases, callosities and even cracks on feet. How in such conditions to keep legs ideal? It is necessary to follow the simplest 5 rules.

Rule 1: Daily clarification

It is necessary to wash legs every day. This rule is known to any girl, however not always it is observed. And it is very important, especially in the flying.

Better to use for these purposes warm or a little cool water with gel or soap. You should not use for washing hot water at all, it can overdry skin. Skin of feet in addition should be cleaned with srub. It is possible to use special srub for legs or any other, even for the person. Difference only in the amount of the cleaning granules, and consequently, in rigidity of srub. After washing of leg it is necessary to wipe carefully with towel, to especially pay attention to area between fingers. In completion of all procedure it is necessary to smear legs with the moisturizing cream.

Rule 2: Comfortable summer footwear

One of guarantees that summer of leg will look perfectly is, of course, the correct footwear. First, it is important to remember that the most useful materials for legs natural, allowing skin to breathe, without allowing to accumulate moisture and bacteria. Secondly, footwear has to be convenient, it should not be too narrow or on too high heel. Also footwear absolutely without heel will not bring to legs benefit. Such footwear can result only in fatigue, friction, callosities and natoptysha. Therefore it is worth approaching question of the choice of summer footwear seriously.

Rule 3: Pedicure

Pedicure — one of obligatory points of the correct care of legs. It is possible to conduct it independently houses, however it is recommended to address the professional nevertheless. Only the qualified specialist in the field of pedicure will be able to provide safe and full leg care.

Rule 4: Massage

Massage — fine means from weight and fatigue of legs. Advantage of massage also that it helps to get rid of puffiness, promoting the correct blood circulation. It is better to do massage every day. It is possible to do most or to ask, for example, the husband. Before massage skin needs to be cleaned. There will be no use of massage oils or creams superfluous also. To begin to massage legs it is better from feet. With circular motions it is necessary to massage feet carefully. Then, similar movements, without ceasing to mass, it is necessary to rise slowly up to knees, and further to hip.

Rule 5: Protection against ultraviolet

The scorching sun can do serious harm to gentle skin of female legs. Special means which in summertime it is better not to neglect will help to protect legs. For protection against ultra-violet radiation by experts it is recommended to use sunblock cream with average SPF (15-20). He will allow to receive sufficient portion of UV rays and at the same time to reduce the level of harmful effects of the sun. Girls at whom skin of legs is inclined to dryness should not forget also about the means applied to skin after suntan. The special moistening, restoring, anti-inflammatory and feeding components which will help skin to remain same fresh and healthy are their part.

Following only 5 listed rules, it is possible to forget about fatigue in legs, puffiness, rough skin and cracks. Legs are open for people around in the flying. Thanks to leaving it is possible to enjoy in the flying and not to think of appearance of legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team