5 simple councils for women for December 31

5 simple councils for women for December 31

31st of December – very bustling and active day when preparation for celebration of New year goes with might and main. Quite often many duties fall on women. But so there is a wish to sit down at holiday table vigorous and beautiful. What for this purpose can be made?

Already very soon there will come the remarkable holiday – New year. There is a wish to meet him in good mood and to look, of course, on everything 100. For many women on December 31 is not only joyful celebration, but also rough preparation for it. Everything it is necessary to be in time: to prepare favourite dishes, to clean up, deal with dress for New Year's Eve, to lay table, to spread out gifts and to make still heap of small affairs which arise in the course of preparation by New year. But it is necessary to take care of himself too. Therefore several councils will prevent nobody.

  1. Try to finish all main preparations for holiday no later than 15:00, then in stock still there will be a little time to take breath and restore forces to festival.
  2. Take contrast shower and for about 10-15 minutes lay down on sofa, having a little raised legs that there were no hypostases and that fatigue which could already appear, has passed.
  3. Put the cotton pads moistened in camomile infusion on eyelids (make it in the morning and put to the cool place). Lie down on sofa even minutes 15, completely relax, thinking only of good. Such time alone with itself will help to put feelings in order, to be adjusted on positive harmony.
  4. If you in the fridge have molds with ice, take couple of pieces and carefully wipe face and neck. It will return to skin tone and will encourage.
  5. Put on face Cleopatra's mask. For this purpose take one egg, separate protein from yolk. Add honey spoon, spoon of small oat flakes and soda on knife tip to the white. Mix everything and accurately distribute mask on the person, slightly massing skin. It is necessary to hold minutes 10-15. After that wash away mask warm, but not hot water and apply the favourite cream.

That's all! There is no fatigue, the person shines, mood festive, and now it is possible to welcome guests fully equipped.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team