5 vitamins for beauty and health of skin

5 vitamins for beauty and health of skin

Vitamins are necessary for organism for health and the correct functioning of all systems therefore they constantly have to be present at diet. Women should eat products, vitamin-rich And, With, E, RR and vitamins of group B as they are responsible for beauty and health of skin.

This vitamin contains in all types of liver, egg yolk, sour cream, butter, fat fish and cottage cheese. It is possible to carry carrots, parsley, green salad, cabbage, sorrel, spinach, green peas, siliculose haricot to vegetables rich with it. Many sweet fruits are rich with vitamin A: melon, prunes and plum, papaya and avocado, apricots and peaches, mountain ash, blackberry and sea-buckthorn. If this vitamin is not in diet, it will be reflected in skin at once – it will lose elasticity, will become dry and will begin to be shelled constantly.

Vitamin C not only possesses the healing action, it in addition strengthens vessels and promotes production of collagen in skin. If there is lack of vitamin C of diet, skin becomes dim and flabby, it is quickly older and loses attractive look. That it has not occurred, it is regularly necessary to eat citruses, paprika, potatoes, garden radish, spinach, parsley, cauliflower and fermented white.

This vitamin contains in vegetable oils, germinated grains of corn and wheat, in sunflower sunflower seeds, peanut, almonds, peas, bananas, carrots and tomatoes. With it animal products – salmon, milk, eggs, butter, mutton and beef are rich. If in diet there is no vitamin E, cell renewal considerably slows down. Besides, vitamin E protects from ultra-violet radiation, and it is important both in the flying, and in the winter.

The shortage of vitamins of group B is reflected in face skin – it becomes dim and gray. To fill reserves of vitamins of group B, it is necessary to include in diet yeast, kidneys, pork, tuna, mushrooms, rice, wheat and practically all fruit. It will positively affect skin as this type of vitamins moistens it, protects from negative impact of the environment and updates at the cellular level.

Buckwheat, carrots, peanut, broccoli, beer yeast, wheat bran is rich with RR vitamin. It contains in fish, beef liver, cheese, milk and eggs. At the expense of RR vitamin the skin quickly recovers the protective functions, and at its shortcoming is shelled and loses elasticity.

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