5 winter problems with hair

5 winter problems with hair

With the onset of cold weather hair begin to suffer, and you painfully try to reveal that harms head of hear stronger: cap or its absence. To keep beauty and health of hair, it is enough to follow the simple winter rules of leaving.

  1. Hair dim and sukhiyeprichiny this problem dry air in rooms is. Besides, in the winter the thicket should use the hair dryer: weather not that long to go with the wet head, and it promotes dimness of hair too. Scarfs and caps work mechanically: from friction scales of hair open therefore their surface becomes dim and deprived of gloss.

For prevention several times a week do moisturizing mask. Before hot laying you apply the thermoprotectant on hair and dry them for 70% in the cool mode. Simple combing during which skin fat will evenly be distributed on all length will help to reduce dryness of hair and will give to locks softness. For bigger effect apply drop of olive oil or hand cream on tips of hair.

  1. Hair are electrified

In the winter hair become dry, and positively charged particles in their fibers begin to make a start more intensively from each other. Also it is accepted to call this process electrization. For prevention regularly use shampoo and the conditioner with the moistening effect. After washing you can put the indelible moistening means from the middle to tips of hair. Hairspray of weak fixing will help to get rid of electrization of hair quickly: polymers in its structure just work wonders. If you had near at hand had antistatic for hair, it is possible to consider that the problem is exhausted. For clothes it differs in availability as a part of nutrients for hair from antistatic.

  1. Hair do not hold behind low humidity in winter season the hair become unruly and do not hold volume. To cope with this widespread problem apply on moist hair spray for giving of volume, placing emphasis at roots. Incline the head down and dry up locks in such situation. Then collect hair on the top, having made bunch, and wait until they cool down. If you have no time for laying, for roots put a little dry shampoo and raise finger-tips. 4. Hair are rumpled under shapkoyshapk densely adjoins to the head and for a long time fixes hair in one situation. To avoid strong losses, style hair waves of the different size. In this case change of the size of locks will harmoniously fit in in lump. If it is necessary to reanimate urgently hairstyle, throw hair on the one hand in another and record elastic band or hairpin, having collected the ends in tail or free braid. 5. Skin golovyv winter season is shelled head skin suffers from dehydration because of what it begins to be shelled. To correct this problem, take care of high-quality care for it. It is possible to hide peeling having collected hair in tail or bunch without hair parting.

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