6 important facts about cellulitis about which you, perhaps, did not know

6 important facts about cellulitis about which you, perhaps, did not know

Cellulitis in any given stage occurs practically in each woman - not hindrance to it even slender body and early age. Most often to cellulitis give improper feeding (including strict diets), inactive way of life, stress, heredity, addictions, imbalance of hormones in organism and even adverse ecology. More effectively to fight against manifestations of cellulitis, it is desirable to know about some nuances.

1. The word ""cellulitis"" was thought up by cosmetologists, but not doctors

For the first time the cellulitis mention (that in the literal translation means ""inflammation of cages"") was published in 1973, in article of one American edition. Actually, cellulitis - any not inflammation, but consequence of violation of microcirculation and some other processes. On scientific it can be called adipodistrofiya, liposkleroz, adipodismorfizm of genoidny type - generally, habitual ""cellulitis"" sounds somehow less frighteningly.

2. Weight loss will not save from cellulitis

Incredibly, but manifestations of cellulitis meet even at thin top models. And strict diets with sharp restriction of calories only usugubyat situation - as a result the amount of muscle tissue decreases, and fat - increases, and cellulitis becomes even more noticeable.

3. Cellulitis begins to be formed already at teenage age

Unfortunately, it so. During puberty at full girls the first symptoms of cellulitis can be shown. If to undertake nothing, then eventually the situation is aggravated. However you should not be upset that the moment is missed - to begin to get rid of cellulitis it is possible at any age, especially after 40 years the division of fat cages happens more slowly.

4. Sweets lead to cellulitis

Glucose is the main source of subcutaneous fat. In case of abuse of sweet all surplus settles in problem places therefore give preference to products which reduce glucose level in blood - it is apples, citruses, green salad, vegetable marrows, eggplants. Besides, at cellulitis whole-grain bread and grain, bran are useful.

5. The dragging-away clothes aggravate cellulitis

Close clothes and dragging away ""grace"" only will add problems as provoke stagnation of blood. Therefore, cellulitis will become even more.

6. Anti-cellulite cosmetics works very slowly

The fact is that to active ingredients from anti-cellulite cream to get through skin into fabrics with the broken microcirculation quite difficult. Therefore before application of means try to warm problem zone by means of massage by special mitten or roller. Also do not hope for instant result - real improvements will be noticeable not earlier, than in month.

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