6 simple recipes for face skin

6 simple recipes for face skin

Faultless skin - dream for most of women. And often it is necessary to be reconciled with skin shortcomings. Pollution, the wrong way of life, stress aggravate its state. But it is possible to remain beautiful, at the same time without spending money, thanks to these simple councils.


Sugar perfectly peels skin. Mix in equal quantities white and brown sugar with small amount of water. Accurately to poskrabiruyta this mix also wash away the person within 3-4 minutes warm water. This way not only peels skin, but also does it shining and young.


The few know that by means of potatoes it is also possible to achieve the shining skin. For this purpose put potatoes juice on face. After it dries, wash up face warm water. Potatoes are also useful to bleaching of skin, reduction of pigmentation, removal of scars on face.


By means of honey it is possible to achieve faultless face skin. For this purpose mix honey and cinnamon before formation of dense paste. Put on face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Clean face warm water and now your skin to shine!

Lemon juice

Lemon juice - natural bleach for skin. In the beginning put fresh lemon juice on face. Then accurately rub face lemon peel within 5-7 minutes. Wash away warm water. In such a way you not only clarify skin, but also will make it elastic and soft.

Mask from tomato juice, cottage cheese and porridge

Mix tomato juice, cottage cheese and porridge to density. Put mix on face and leave for 15 minutes. Further wash away cold water. Such mask bleaches skin and also reduces dark stains, scars. If to apply it regularly, it is possible to notice difference soon enough.


Tomato has properties of anti-aging and also can act as sunblock cream in hot summer months. Antioxidant lycopene which is present at tomatoes well influences  face skin. It is possible to eat them fresh or to put on face in the form of paste for disposal of enlarged pores, pimples and solar burns.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team