7 secrets of beauty

7 secrets of beauty

Any woman at any age wants to look stunningly, to remain young within several years. What for this purpose needs to be done?


1. First of all eat paprika. This vegetable is rich with vitamin C which is so necessary for protection of skin. High content of vitamin E in sunflower seeds. Thanks to this vitamin of skin cell are capable to regeneration, wrinkles are smoothed, skin becomes elastic and elastic. And the tomato is capable to improve complexion thanks to vitamin B in its structure. Besides the tomato is capable to clean organism from cholesterol, to prevent clotting.

2. The crude peeled potatoes cut in half and enclosed on eyelids about 7 minutes will help from the ""swelled-up"" eyes.

3. By means of coffee thick it is possible to get rid of cellulitis. Use it instead of body scrub and you will soon see how problem places with ""orange"" crust will disappear.

4. For clarification of hair in the natural way without chemistry camomile decoction will help. Use it after washing of the head and you will see how hair will become on tone or 2 is lighter.

5. On hair apply cod-liver oil to disappearance of split ends. It helps to restore structure of hair.

6. For disposal of bags and dark circles under eyes use 2 wet tea bags. It is necessary to put them on eyelids and to leave for 7 minutes. Later it is possible to make light massage by means of ice cubes of camomile broth. Thus the problem will be solved.

7. For density of eyelashes and eyebrows use castor oil or mix of castor oil and rum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team