8 basic rules of face care after 45 flyings

8 basic rules of face care after 45 flyings

Over the years skin spends own resources of cell renewal, wrinkles go deep, and the face contour loses clearness. On cheekbones there are flabbiness traces, corners of lips fall, bryl can be formed. Goose pads at eyes become more distinct. What leaving is necessary for skin after 45 flyings?


1. You feel UvlazhnenieEsli that with age skin becomes to the land, use the funds allocated for intensive moistening are various masks, serums, gels, for example, with hyaluronic acid.

2. LiftingMozhno to use emulsions and tonics with extract of wheat and proteninama of silk which give to skin barkhatistos and smooth small wrinkles.

3. OmolozheniePrimenyayte the anti-aging cosmetics containing antioxidants, peptides and coenzyme Q10. It can be creams or serums.

4. Delicate ukhoddlya face cleanings use soft creamy means. It is impossible to rub and stretch strongly skin not to promote appearance of new wrinkles.

5. PitanieObyazatelno apply the means containing vitamin A - it promotes improvement of condition of the withering skin, smoothes it, reduces small wrinkles. Vitamins E and D are also useful to skin.

6. Skin care on sheezdes it is possible to use the same cream which you apply to the person - you put it every other day with easy movements from below up.

7. Less spirtena should be fond of the cleaning tonics containing alcohol - they dry skin, deprive of it protective film, worsen processes of cell regeneration.

8. Right choice to kremavybirighta cream strictly according to skin type. Periodically change means as over time skin "gets used" to it. The best effect reaches in 30 days of use, then action is stabilized.

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