Advantage of cocoa butter for skin

Advantage of cocoa butter for skin

There are several types of processing of beans of cocoa as a result of which special oils for application in various areas are made. Cocoa use in cosmetology, medicine, cookery and aromatherapy. It is proved that cocoa butter not only well influences skin, but also slows down processes of its aging.


1. The main feature of cocoa butter is that this component is suitable for application to any type of skin. Thanks to special structure, oil renders the strengthening, tonic, medical and preventive impact on integuments.

2. In the preventive purposes cocoa butter is used for maintenance of health of skin, fight against withering, obvisaniye and flabbiness. After course of use of this substance the person, for example, becomes brought more up, skin elastic, many types of inflammations disappear.

3. For the winter period cocoa butter is ideal for application. As a result of temperature drop, wind and cold skin becomes dry, peeling or reddenings appears. Regular masks or compresses on the basis of cocoa butter will help to get rid of such consequences of winter.

4. Cocoa butter is produced, as a rule, in firm look. For drawing it on skin rather simply some time to take piece of the weight reminding soap in palms. Then the turned-out fat greases problem sites of skin. It is remarkable that cocoa butter effectively struggles with slight burns.

5. To strengthen skin not only faces, but also all body, it is possible to take baths with addition of small amount of cocoa butter. Such procedures make not only tonic impact on integuments, but also weaken pleasant aroma.

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