Aloe: useful properties, recipes of masks

Aloe: useful properties, recipes of masks

belief - evergreen plant of family of lily family. The homeland it is considered by the islands of Curacao and Barbados. Today the plant is cultivated in some countries of Asia and Africa, on the Antilles. The aloe is popular in Russia as house plant.

The aloe belief has the mass of useful properties, including bactericidal, wound healing, antiburn, anestetichesky and also acts as immunomodulator, promoting the general improvement of organism.

In the medical purposes usual juice and the condensed juice (aloes) of aloe, fresh leaves and extract is used.

The condensed juice received from aloe leaves is used for treatment of chronic and atonic types of lock, extract of aloes is entered hypodermically at various diseases of stomach and duodenum. Liquid juice of aloe possesses laxative action, and medicines on its basis are successfully applied in treatment of gastritises (with lowering of acidity), chronic colitis, gastroenteritis, enterokolit, bronchial asthma, respiratory diseases, various purulent wounds. In the latter case juice is used outwardly in the form of lotions. On sale it is possible to meet aloe syrup with iron, it is appointed at anemia.

Juice of aloe has positive impact on eye retina, cornea. Therefore today medicines on its basis find the increasing application in ophthalmology.

Besides medicine, the belief is successfully applied by aloe also in cosmetology. Masks and creams on its basis recommend to owners of sensitive skin. Cosmetics with the maintenance of this plant nourishes skin, protects from negative impact of ultraviolet rays, saves from pigmental spots, removes irritations, makes the healing impact. Also the aloe is capable to win against pustulous rashes, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Polysaccharides, influencing on macrophages, promote restoration of the damaged cells of epidermis (upper layer of the skin) and collagen updating. Therefore aloe – find for anti-aging cosmetics. All masks with application of aloe should be put no more than for 15-20 minutes. It is better to wash away them at first warm, and then cool water. After the face is cleaned, you should not use cosmetics, skin also is so well moistened. The anti-aging mask for dry kozhiponadobitsya: 2 tablespoons of aloe, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese (it is possible to take sour cream), 2 tsps of honey. To mix ingredients, to put on face. During the procedure it is the best of all to lay down and to relax completely. Several procedures are required before you notice that wrinkles became obvious less. The tonic mask for all types kozhi1 tablespoon of the softened pulp of aloe, 1 tablespoon of pulp of fruit (in case of oily skin it is better to take orange or peach, dry – persimmon or apricot, normal — apples, grapes) and 2 tsps of any vegetable oil to mix and put on face. Mask from pryshcheyv well crushed leaves of aloe to add white and to mix to condition of gruel, having used the blender. To add 2-3 drops of lemon juice. To put mask in 3 layers. To wash away warm water. The aloe has positive impact and on head skin, activates growth of hair, feeds them, helps with fight against dandruff, split ends, hair loss. Juice of aloe can just be rubbed in head skin daily before improvement of condition of hair, and then to put it 1–2 times a week with course 2 months. Regular use of masks will make hairs of aloe shiny, dense and silky. The volume mask for aloe hair, castor oil and honey to mix in identical proportions and to apply on moist hair. To hold 5-10 minutes, then it is good to wash the head shampoo.

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