Apple face packs

Apple face packs

Apples have found broad application in house cosmetology long ago. The masks prepared on their basis are ideal for the withering and tired skin care. They effectively clean it, give smoothness and elasticity, help to remove inflammations and irritation and also reduce puffiness.

Apple masks attract women with the availability, this remarkable fruit can be found on counters of shops at all seasons of the year. Apples are rich with fruit acids, various vitamins and microelements, pectin and lecithin. For this reason it is possible to call this fruit health well. The useful substances which are contained in it are easily acquired by skin. Two times a week are recommended to repeat apple face packs – it will be quite enough to support skin in perfect tune. The general course makes about 15-20 procedures after which it is necessary to take break for 1.5-2 months. Masks from apples should be applied to clean skin and to hold about 15-20 minutes then to wash away warm water.

Recipes of apple masks

To prepare the mask suitable for the withering skin, in the coffee grinder crush oat flakes. Mix the received flour with the apple grated on small grater and natural liquid honey. If weight turns out dense, dilute it with small amount of warm milk or boiled water. Put mask on face plentiful layer.

The good moistening effect the mask from the low-fat cottage cheese and apple crushed in the blender has. Apply mix to skin and in 15 minutes remove camomile broth. All-type skin the plain mask from apple puree will approach. It will perfectly moisturize the skin, will give it softness and fresh well rested look. The mask made of the wiped apple and the boiling milk cream has good tonic properties. Cool dense gruel to room temperature and put on face. There is one more magnificent recipe of mask about lifting effect. Mix polished apple with previously beaten egg white and starch. For dry skin it is possible to enrich structure with small amount of olive oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team