Art of marble manicure

Art of marble manicure

Marble manicure is true piece of art in hands of the skillful master. The exotic patterns blossoming on nails will leave nobody indifferent. Originality, intricacy and identity of manicure does it very popular among fashionistas of the whole world. Marble manicure is water and is carried out in very interesting equipment. It is simple to make such manicure even to the beginner.

It is required to you

  • Deep container with warm water, toothpick or needle, cotton wool, liquid for varnish removal, hand cream, it is possible children's, nail varnish of 3-4 different flowers, separately take varnish of white color for basis.


1. Prepare nails for performance of manicure – remove old varnish, process cuticle, give the necessary form to nail plate by means of nail file. In advance prepare all necessary tools and materials in order that everything was near at hand.

2. We cover nails with white varnish coat which will serve as background for marble manicure. In traditional marble manicure white basic covering is used, but further with acquisition of experience it is possible to use any color shade.

3. Prepare the container with warm water. In the center of capacity drip two drops of color varnish of desirable shade. At the edges of the container with water about one drop of other shade of color varnish is brought. For simplification of work provide before yourself the dial of hours and draw drops around. Now we start mixing of shades. To be necessary thin needle or wooden toothpick. Accurately with circular motions we mix shades in the container with water. The fancy abstract pattern on water surface in the form of film turns out.

4. We grease skin around nail with hand cream, it to be made in order that varnish came for borders of nail as little as possible and did not soil hand. Lower nail in the center of capacity on the water drawing. Try to lower nail in water parallel to water, it will exclude uneven drawing film on nail. After slowly we take out finger from water together with the pattern which was located on nail plate.

5. When all nails are covered with marble pattern, and varnish has completely dried, we start processing of cuticle liquid for varnish removal. Having removed all surplus at the edges manicure it is possible to finish varnish-fixer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team