As do tattoo

As do tattoo

— one of ways of decoration of body by drawing on its surface of the indelible drawing. Each person who has decided to do tattoo puts in the image the has washed away. For someone it is charm, for someone memory, and for someone attempt to be allocated from lump.


Having decided to apply tattoo on body, keep in mind that it for the rest of life. Therefore well consider everything. Seriously approach the choice of the image. Many drawings bear certain sense. It is better to get acquainted with it before tattoo it is ready. It is considered that the tattoo applied on body is capable to change the fate of the person and him. It will not become such what was before visit of salon. To trust in it or not - everyone should solve independently.

Process of drawing tattoo

Elect the skilled, well proved master of permanent make-up. And try to do tattoo in salon. The carried-out at home, such procedures can be dangerous. Full disinfection of the equipment and availability of all necessary tools is necessary.

First of all the master will make the sketch of the image of the necessary size and form on paper. He will suggest to choose the drawing from the albums which are available in salon or the fact that the client has brought uses. By means of carbon paper and the special machine the image is copied on body of human who has addressed to salon. Then the drawing is greased with vaseline — it will prevent paint spreading. The next stage — tamping of the drawing, i.e. drawing pigment. The special pigment by means of thin disposable needle is entered under the upper layer of the skin in the small portions. Process takes a lot of time. For example, the master will fill the image of the size of box of matches within hour. After completion of work the expert will grease skin with antiseptic solution and will roll up sterile bandage. Within several days, bandagings and processing will be required by antiseptic agents and wound healing ointments of surface of body on which the drawing has been applied. The procedure of drawing tattoo on skin rather painful. However, after the contour will be filled, skin will begin to get used to unpleasant feelings, and pain will be felt less. The sensitivity depends also on on what part of body the drawing is applied. So, most painfully to do tattoo on palms, erogenous zones and feet.

Whether it is possible to remove tattoo

To get rid completely of the image, having returned to skin original form, it is impossible. There are services in removal of tattoo in clinics. Do it by means of the laser, for several procedures gradually grinding skin. The drawing considerably turns pale, in some places is erased, but completely does not disappear. All the same there are stains, lines, specks. Sometimes try to hammer the image with light paint "under skin". At first this method really helps, former the tattoo is reliably painted over, without leaving also mark on body. However over time dark paint begins to be shown again. As a result the image becomes indistinct and indistinct. Therefore before removing tattoo, think whether really it is necessary. It is better to have the beautiful picture on body, than gray stains of paint. All this once again proves need of responsible approach to question of whether to put tattoo or not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team