As from the brunette to become more red

As from the brunette to become more red

Sometimes even the most magnificent brunettes dream of how their life will change if they become beauties with fiery mane of hair. Happens so that some shade expresses your outlook better, suits you on style and in root changes the relation of people around.

It is required to you

  • - hair-dye;
  • - thin rubber gloves;
  • - fat skin cream or vaseline;
  • - conditioner.


  1. From that how cardinally you want to change color, whether you will be able to cope with changes independently will depend or you should address the professional surely. If you want to paint only hair 2-3 tones lighter, then these can be engaged also in house conditions. But if you dream to become the strawberry blonde or dream of shade which so suits Marcia Cross – it is necessary to go to salon as for so many radical changes the procedure of preliminary bleaching, difficult and dangerous to hair, will be required.
  2. Choosing suitable shade of red, consider that most of natural brunettes already has copper or golden subtone. The easiest to you will be to achieve effect, having adapted to it. Also, that dyed hair did not look as wig, it should be taken into account also tone of your skin. To pale young ladies there are copper-colored shades, to girls with olive skin – chestnut.
  3. Carry out in advance, in 24-48 hours the test for allergy, having applied a little paint on the hand back. If you have cut-off lock of hair, try paint on it to see what there will be final shade.
  4. Collect hair, having fixed them by clips or crabs. Put on gloves not to soil hand. Put a little fat cream or vaseline through growth of hair not to soil skin. Mix paint with oxidizer, in the proportions specified in the instruction to dye. If the shade necessary to you is 2 tones lighter, than your own hair, use 12% oxide. Apply paint on hair, since roots. You hold not less time, specified in the instruction. If you want brighter, saturated color, add no more than 10-15 more minutes.
  5. Wash away dye water, having inclined the head over the bathroom or sink. Do not use shampoo as to pigment it is necessary not for exchange of 48 hours to become stronger in inside layer of hair. Put the conditioner and you hold not less than 5-10 minutes. After you wash away it, let's hair dry, whenever possible, independently. You should not injure them hot air at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team