As hair quickly grow

As hair quickly grow

Often interests girls as hair on how many centimeters the lock in day, month is extended quickly grow. It is not less important to know and how it is possible to accelerate this process. Experts study this question long ago.

Useful information

Trichologists claim that within a day the hair can grow on average by 0.35 mm. It is not difficult to make simple calculations. It turns out that in week length of each hair increases by 2-2.5 mm. Respectively in month the rise in growth by 1 cm is got. It should be noted that at many people the hair grow quicker, adding in length of 1.5-2 cm a month. It is possible if their state really good, they are healthy and strong. It is possible to provide it with healthy food and the correct curl care.

Hair grow till extreme old age if there is no tendency to baldness. But it is necessary to consider that with age the organism needs more resources and forces for maintenance of systems and bodies, important for life. For this reason hair receive food by the residual principle. It is natural that over time their state becomes worse, and they begin to grow more slowly. Over the years hair become thinner, become more fragile, dim, dry and thin.

Scientists have counted that for 50-60 human lives from one hair follicle grows to 20 hairs. Each hair passes several stages of growth before dropping out and giving way to another. According to the established norms, from 30 to 100 hairs can drop out per day. It is simple to track the curls. Look what number of hair remains in the bathroom after their washing, on hairbrush. If their more than hundred, then it is serious occasion to think of their health.

Means for growth of hair

Rather popular recipe against hair loss – tincture on the basis of acorus roots. It is possible to get this component in drugstore. For preparation of tincture 4 tablespoons of the crushed roots of acorus need to be filled in with 1 liter of abrupt boiled water. Capacity should be covered dense. In 30-40 minutes, infusion is filtered. Use ready means as conditioner every time after washing of the head. Effective remedy for growth of hair – tincture of leaves and buds of birch. For its preparation 1 tablespoon of grass collecting is filled in with glass of abrupt boiled water. In 2 hours, infusion is filtered. 2-3 times a week apply ready means, rinsing with it hair after washing. To strengthening and growth of hair also apply the following means. For its preparation it will be required: 2 tablespoons of onions peel, 2 tablespoons of the crushed oak bark, 1 liter of water. These components mix up and warmed up on slow fire within 5-7 minutes. After that infusion is filtered. In 20-30 minutes the means is ready to application. The filtered broth is accurately rubbed in head skin for the best growth of hair and their strengthening.

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