As in 30 years to look on 20

As in 30 years to look on 20

To think of how in 30 years to look on 20, it makes sense long before this day as in many respects the appearance depends on way of life and quality of care after itself comes. Completely it is impossible to exclude aging, and to deceive here time, having delayed emergence of the first signs of withering, quite really.

  • - Correctly picked up cosmetics.

1. For maintenance of youth of skin it is necessary to use daily moistening means for skin which are picked up depending on its type. It will help to prevent dehydration and appearance of wrinkles. It is better to choose those means which part the components provoking synthesis of collagen and elastin are. Besides moistening, skin also needs food and restoration, but the main guarantee of maintaining its beauty - regularity of the carried-out procedures, regardless of whether expensive cosmetics or house means which can also be effective will be used for them.

2. In order that skin did not look tired, it is regularly necessary to get enough sleep, trying to accept at the same time pose at which the person will contact least of all to pillow. Therefore it is necessary to sleep not on stomach, and on spin that small wrinkles were not formed and it is one of ways of how to look good in 30.

3. Especially attentively it is necessary to treat the food as its quality directly causes condition of skin. In order that skin did not look lifeless, at the menu there has to be enough the products containing folic acid, iron, vitamins A and to those E.K sheet greens, fruit and vegetables, liver, bean cultures, vegetable oils belong. And here it is better to refuse animal fats and excessive sweets as they provoke inflammatory processes on skin.

4. After 30 it makes sense to pay attention to special cosmetology procedures which influence skin more intensively, than usual cosmetics. It is possible to carry mesotherapy, chemical peelings to those and not only. The professional cosmetologist considering all features of skin can choose more specific course for each woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team