As in 45 to look good

As in 45 to look good

the time of Honoré de Balzac already thirty-year-old woman was considered elderly. Now the woman in 45 still can quite look young. Certainly, preservation of youth and beauty demands certain efforts.

Perhaps, excessive desire to seem can make old most of all woman as it is possible more young. The mature lady with bright make-up dressed in miniskirt and youth undershirt with defiant inscription will look ridiculously and ridiculously.

Choice of suit, hairstyle and make-up

The woman in 45 years has to possess delicate taste and faultless sense of style. It is not necessary to copy new trends of youth fashion. The adult lady is suited by elegant classical style. To elegant suit there will correspond footwear on low heel from 2 to 6 cm.

The mature woman should not paint nails in bright, defiant colors. It will only frighten off from her people around. The Ukhozhennost and accuracy will emphasize classical manicure with light transparent varnish. Only too bright, defiant make-up will spoil appearance. It is better for elegant lady to choose not striking, classical make-up which will not be too noticeable, but will emphasize all advantages of her face.

Indispensable component of appeal is the ability to correctly choose hairstyle. For 40 will be hardly relevant to the lady both too short hairstyle, and long flowing hair. The classical hairstyle from hair of average length will be best of all to look. Thus their color has to be brought closer to natural. The mature lady with violet hair looks ridiculously.

Good mood and healthy lifestyle

Prematurely constant complaints to life, the idler husband and egoists children and the sufferings paraded age the woman. the 45-year-old lady should not call herself the old woman at all, words and thoughts are material, and she, thus, will only bring closer approach of old age. It is necessary to remember: to look younger, more often to smile more often, be active and cheerful. Besides, nothing so threshes the woman as presence at her life of darling. It is necessary to pay more attention to care for skin of face, neck and hands that signs of age became as less as possible noticeable. It is necessary to pick up the creams and masks corresponding to age and type of skin, and in case of need – to ask for the help the cosmetologist. At any age the woman is aged by excess weight. Therefore you should not forget to do daily exercises, to visit the pool or gym. If there is need to get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to limit the use of carbohydrates, having refused sweet and farinaceous food; to eat more vegetables and fruit, fish and grain dishes. The woman of any age can look good, optimism, goodwill, healthy lifestyle and faultless sense of proportion will become her best assistants in achievement of goal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team