As is not for the night

As is not for the night

all the differences the majority of diets insists on the general requirement — is not for the night. But in a couple of hours after dinner, in quiet cozy situation of own dwelling, necessarily there is desire to intercept couple of cakes with tea, ham sandwich or piece of fried chicken. However everything that is eaten in the evening and over day norm of calories will be postponed in not nice handles on hips and backpack in the lower part of stomach. There are receptions allowing to deceive feeling of hunger and to go to bed next the heart — as well as physiologists recommend.


  1. Have tea. Having felt hunger, make to yourself cup of good fragrant tea – green or grassy – camomile, for example. Hot liquid will calm stomach, will remove feeling of hunger.
  2. Drink water. Mineral water with small amount of lemon juice will fill empty stomach, having qualitatively created saturation illusion.
  3. Do exercises. For example, complex bodiflex. Or just to poprisedayta, pootzhimaytes 10-15 minutes. You not only improve the physical shape, but also prevent evening session of gluttony. After sports activities, as a rule, does not getting hungry.
  4. Take hot relaxing bath with essential oils (oils ylang-ylang, patchouli, roses, jasmine will approach), sea salt, foam. It will help to overcome too desire to make to itself buterbrodik-another. And still warm water will calm and will relax you, having prepared organism for good night rest. Important: do not take bath more than 15-20 minutes and you watch that water temperature remained in physiological limits of 37-39 degrees.
  5. Light the aromalamp. The calming aromas of essential oils of cinnamon, lemon grass, patchouli (it is better to use in combination with oil ylang-ylang, sandal-wood tree, jasmine), vanilla, grapefruit perfectly dull feeling of hunger.
  6. Refuse at supper dishes with large number of spices. They tempt the increased appetite which will force you either to eat superfluous, or to begin to suffer from hunger right after you get up because of table.
  7. If as many today, you hold on table light meals – vases with nutlets, dried fruits, candies, croutons and chips, then in the late afternoon move away them far away from eyes. Do not put on excess trials the will power.
  8. Clean teeth. The acquired reflex will work: after cleaning of teeth is it is impossible. It is also possible to use chewing gum with sugar substitute. Having chewed sweet you will deceive feeling of hunger for some time. But be not fond if you do not want to get gastritis.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team