As it is better to clarify hair

As it is better to clarify hair

Clarification of hair is stage-by-stage procedure. To become the beautiful and charming blonde, one clarifying hair-dye suffices not. It is the best of all if you do this procedure in hairdressing salon at the skilled master.


  1. If your hair of light shades have also not been earlier painted by chemical dyes, then it is possible to clarify them on couple of tones usual paint from shop in house conditions, observing the instruction for application. But if you are owner of the dark head of hear also which is repeatedly painted, then you will need stage-by-stage clarification. It is better to do this procedure at the hairdresser who will be able to estimate real condition of your hair and to warn about possible negative consequences of clarification.
  2. Before the procedure of clarification of dark, earlier dyed hair it is possible to carry out the procedure of washing of color special medicine. The essence of this procedure is that the remover releases pigment of chemical paint from structure of hair, without touching natural shade. If there is no opportunity to make preliminary remover, it is possible to wash week before decolorization hair with shampoo from dandruff - it strongly washes away paint from structure of hair.
  3. The second stage - clarification. It is better to decolour dark hair professional powder in combination with oxidizer. Remember that the higher than some of oxidizer, the quicker it clarifies hair, but injures them much stronger at the same time. Therefore hairdressers use oxidizers with small percent more often, but carry out the procedure of clarification several times in a row.
  4. The clarifying structure is applied on hair quickly, wrapping small locks of hair foil that process was more effective. If after the first structure is washed away from hair, the result of clarification is not achieved yet, it is necessary to apply the second portion on hair. At the correct observance of all subtleties of process as a result of decolorization at you the light yellow hair color has to turn out.
  5. The final stage of clarification - painting of hair or toning. Coloring of hair is obligatory after clarification as hair after this procedure empty from within, their scales are open. In such state they will begin to break and will look awfully. After painting by the sparing bezammiachny paint hair are filled from within, look more well-groomed, the yellow shade disappears, scales of hair are closed, gloss appears.
  6. After the procedure of clarification behind hair careful leaving is necessary. They need continuous power and moistening. It is possible to do masks of natural products and to use professional tools for leaving and hair recovery. Special attention needs to be paid to tips as they are overdried most strongly. Once a month shear the decoloured ends that they looked healthy, beautiful and well-groomed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team