As it is better to twist hair

As it is better to twist hair

Curled hair give to female image tenderness and romanticism. It is possible to make curls in house conditions. That they have turned out accurate and beautiful, it is necessary to use the curling iron correctly.

It is required to you

  • - curling iron;
  • - styling spray;
  • - hair dryer.


  1. Pay attention to temperature condition of the tool not to burn hair. Regulate extent of heating by the following principle – the hair is thinner, the temperature is lower. For thick unruly hair the extent of heating has to be higher. The tool covering for wave has to be ceramic, teflon or tourist's crimson.
  2. Choose the curling iron of the necessary size. Hard curls will turn out if to wind hair on the device of small diameter. Wavy easy curls can be received using the tool of large diameter.
  3. Apply small amount of skin or mousse on moist hair, dry their phenom. If you wish to receive free hairstyle, you should not apply hair preparation, it is enough to wash up of them and to dry up.
  4. Comb clean dry hair, pin up the bulk of hair on the top, having left locks on nape, apply on them the thermoprotectant. Especially carefully process tips of hair to prevent their splitting.
  5. Separate lock 1.5-2 cm thick and since tips of hair twist it on the curling iron. Not to burn hair, you hold it about 20-30 seconds. Beautiful and elastic the curl will turn out if you accurately release the twirled hair, without unwinding lock. In such a way twist locks on all head.
  6. Style hair in hairstyle, using gel or mousse. Resistant curls will turn out if hair not to comb, and slightly to shake up fingers. Record ready laying hairspray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team