As it is correct to choose the looking after means for oily skin

As it is correct to choose the looking after means for oily skin

Skin is one of the most important bodies, it the first assumes "blow" of negative factors of the environment, she suffers most of all from the slightest failure in work of human body. And only careful and correct leaving can keep its beauty and health for many years.

In order that it is correct to pick up the looking after means for skin and the principle of their use, it is necessary to define its type precisely. On the structure, skin is divided into three main types – normal, dry and fat. The most careful leaving is demanded by the third type – fat. It is very simple to distinguish this type – oily skin, as a rule, has ugly earthy shade because of expanded sebaceous glands, so-called time, and even at careful clarification very quickly becomes grease, brilliant. Except esthetic unattractiveness such type of skin brings many other efforts, for example, constantly arising irritations and inflammations, appearance of heat-spots and suppurations.

To keep youth and freshness of oily skin, it is necessary to provide intensive and timely care for it. The ideal option is thrice washing during the day with soap and only by means of flowing water, but such "luxury" is permissible not for all. However exit is even in the most difficult situations and even at very strong employment and lack of time it is possible to provide oily skin with worthy clarification and food to avoid emergence of problems and for a long time to keep fresh complexion.

Owners of oily skin need to visit regularly office of the cosmetologist and to carry out face peel. It is necessary to avoid mechanical ways of cleaning and to give preference to peelings with use of fruit acids, so-called microdermabrasion. In house conditions for cleaning and make-up it is necessary to apply means only with mark "to oily skin", at the same time you should not abuse means for make-up. It is possible to wash only water of room temperature, but is not hotter, with the means for washing with gel structure containing salicylic acid. At least 2 times a week it is necessary to carry out deep cleaning by means of srubs or peelings, on the basis of the substances promoting narrowing of time, for example, of cucumber, egg white or honey.

Oily skin needs intensive food and constant moistening. It is possible to provide moistening by means of the cosmetic looking after means, and nutritious masks can be prepared independently in house conditions. Perfectly narrow pores of mask on the basis of yeast and milk with low fat content, honey, pulp of banana, lemon juice, egg white, garden strawberry. It is the best of all to define concentration of any given substances as a part of mask "by practical consideration", someone can have allergy to strawberry, and someone does not transfer beekeeping products. The main rule at production of mask for narrowing of time on oily skin is not to use spirit infusions. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team