As it is correct to do toning of hair

As it is correct to do toning of hair

Fine half of mankind quite often has desire to change the appearance. But considerably not everyone will dare to change hair color therefore optimum way of coloring is use of coloring means.

Toning of hair is method of coloring by unstable medicines. The simple procedure therefore it is not necessary to be the professional that to carry out it. To use this method of coloring you should not be afraid, at unsuccessful deal paint will easily wash off. This method will suit both to girls with natural head of hear, and to owners of colored hair. It is possible to separate several locks and to paint them in different tone. It will look more effectively and will help to increase the volume of hair visually.

Toning is not suitable for hair which were exposed to coloring by henna earlier. The shade can strongly differ from that which has to turn out according to the table of tones.

You should not forget that toning does not turn the brown-haired woman and vice versa from the blonde. It allows to change shade of hair – to make its nasyshchenny, more warmly or, on the contrary, priglushenny, more cold. There are several rules which will help you to carry out correctly the procedure of toning of hair. For a start be properly prepared for process: protect clothes, having thrown with unnecessary thing or towel shoulders, apply fat cream on sites of the person where contact with paint will be inevitable. Well and, of course, use gloves during coloring. You apply tonic only on the clean, moistened hair. Squeeze out paint on palm and carry out by her on all surface of hair. After that accurately comb hair that paint was distributed more evenly. Sustain time according to the instruction and wash away flowing water. Rinse until paint does not cease to run from hair. For coloring it is possible to use brush, but in this case it is necessary to divide hair into hair partings previously. You make coloring in the direction from roots to tips of hair. If sites of skin nevertheless have been touched with tonic, then try to remove it soap or cotton wool moistened in alcohol. If you have decided to use several shades at once, for this purpose you need special cellophane hat with openings in which place locks for coloring. In order that their shades looked harmoniously among themselves, as a rule, use tables in which the example of initial hair color and shade after toning is given. Depending on firmness of coloring, allocate three types of toning. Intensive will hold on on hair up to two months, sparing - up to four weeks, easy toning can disappear already at the second washing of the head.

Before each procedure connected with use of the painting medicines treat hair. If they have weakened or recently have been painted, another experiment with change of color can do harm to your hair.

Owners of light curls can use wheaten, honey and caramel shades. Dar-haired girls will be suited chocolate and chestnut tone. Their huge set, the main thing - select color which is closest to your shade of hair. After the procedure is ended, and hair are poured by new shades, do not stop to look after them. Try special shampoos and medical masks, then your hair will please you with the beauty still long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team