As it is correct to do wrapping

As it is correct to do wrapping

Wrapping – one of the most effective cosmetic procedures which levels skin improves its state, eliminates tsellyulitny deposits. It is possible to carry out such procedure both in salon, and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Food wrap, mix for wrapping, anti-cellulite cream and srub, warm plaid or warm trousers.


1. Make one of mixes for house wrapping. Mix 1: Part 2-3 spoons of natural honey with the same amount of warm water. Mix 2: part dry mustard (tablespoon) with warm water and add honey spoon. Mix 3: kindle tile of bitter chocolate in the microwave, add a little water to chocolate weight or warm serum (this mix is applied in warm look). Mix 4: make 4 tablespoons of green tea (to crush in the coffee grinder) boiled water, add to gruel from tea honey spoon, two pinches of ground cinnamon.

2. Anti-cellulite srub in the bathroom carefully to promassiruyta of hip and stomach. Wash away srub warm water. Dry up body.

3. Apply the mix prepared in advance on hips and stomach, having evenly distributed it on body. Wrap body food wrap. Take cover plaid or if you do not want to lie on bed, put on warm trousers that they closed stomach and hips. Within hour you are wrapped thus. It is possible to do in addition household chores or gymnastic exercises.

4. Wash away mix from body under warm shower. Apply anti-cellulite cream or gel to skin. The procedure is finished.

5. You do not carry out wrapping without consultation of the doctor if you have such diseases as varicosity, pregnancy, cardiovascular problems, oncology.

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