As it is correct to draw dotsy

As it is correct to draw dotsy

Dotsom is called the device for manicure in the form of core with round heads of the different size. By means of this tool it is possible to carry out different options of design on nails. It is simple to do such decor also in house conditions. Begin with simple drawings, and over time dots will become for you the assistant and in difficult neyl-design.

What is necessary for drawing

First of all get dots. The brand is not important - the tool can be bought in professional shop or in the most usual cosmetic department. Choose bilateral dots with heads of the different size.

Buy dense opaque varnishes. It is convenient to use special enamels for stamping, they give dense covering and bright color. For a start pick up white and black varnishes - these shades are suitable for creation of different compositions. Instead of varnish it is possible to use acrylic paints. Besides, you need basic covering and the protective top giving to manicure final luster.

Simple pattern by means of dots

For a start try the simplest option - manicure in peas. Process nails, having leveled their surface and having given to plates certain form and length. Apply protective base on nails, let's it dry and cover plates with dense enamel of right color. Very beautifully the red nails decorated with white peas or blue with white or blue dots look. As necessary varnish can be applied in two layers. Let's nails dry.

Peas most beautifully look on roundish or square nails.

On piece of dense cardboard drip varnish of contrast color. Dip in it head of dots and bring it to the surface of nail. The easy movement put the end. Do not press the tool handle, otherwise on nail there will be dent. Repeat reception until all surface is decorated with peas. You can have it in geometrical order or is chaotic - everything depends on the idea of design. Let's the drawing dry and record manicure thick layer of glossy top. By means of dots it is possible to draw flower. Put to nail the end head of one size, and then surround it with larger points. In core of flower it is possible to strengthen spangle or rhinestone. If desired it is easy to turn point into curl. Having dripped varnish on nail, make the easy circular movement and sharply tear off the tool. That drips were not formed, do not gather on dots too much varnish.

Points can be color. If you use different varnishes, carefully wipe dots before dipping it into new shade of enamel.

The French manicure with dotsy

Points can add originality to habitual French manicure. Cover the processed nails with base, then paint over free edges of plates white dense enamel. Dry up it and paint over plate light pink or gentle-beige varnish. On cardboard drip dense silvery varnish. Dip in it head of dots and put ends on border of free edge, trying that they were located closely to each other. The same image it is possible to make lunar manicure, designating by contrast silvery dots the hole allocated with other varnish at the nail basis. Surely cover manicure with top. It will give to nails luster and will make plates ideally equal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team