As it is correct to look after body

As it is correct to look after body

Each age is great in own way and each age needs to be loved. But nevertheless, we spend the enormous sums for remaining at least externally young: face creams and for hands, hardware cosmetology, cleanings, mesotherapy, injections and so on. However, there are parts of body which foully give the age which is so actively hidden by us.

As it is correct to use anti-aging care for body

Unfortunately, there are such parts of body about which we simply forget at daily leaving and first of all - about lobes of ears. Pay attention to middle-aged ladies - lobes of ears are delayed, and wrinkles were formed around. That it did not occur, accustom themselves not to wear daily heavy earrings and surely you apply cream on this area. If the first age changes have already affected your ears, then use cosmetics with hyaluronic acid - it perfectly nourishes and moistens skin.

We fall slightly below - neck. Skin of neck suffers first of all at deficiency of collagen. Therefore beginning to do since 20-25 the moistening and nutritious masks and on neck too! Surely carry out exercises for neck and eat more protein. Do not neglect also creams: you put on face - you apply also on neck. Neck skin very gentle also demands special leaving, at least minimum.

The breast is feminine values. All of us want to have beautiful bust, but whether much we do for this purpose? Of course, if you regularly play sports, skrabirut all body and use the moisturizing lotions, then the problem of aging will overtake you much later. If you do not play sports yet - it is a high time to begin and to include surely in exercise complex for the muscles supporting breast.

If you use srub, then for decollete choose soft, gentle. And after the water procedures surely grease breast with cream. It can be body lotion, face cream or special cream.

Very often we forget about elbows - constantly we grease hands with cream, and here does not reach elbows … If you do not want elbows to give your age, then accustom themselves not just to apply on them cream, but also to skrabirovat regularly. Apply also masks with collagen, drink more water and eat protein - the main recommendations remain invariable.

Couple of words about hands. To them, unfortunately, gets most of all. Household chemicals, frost, wind, the sun dry skin therefore it is very important to wear gloves in cold season, to use protective equipment during the work with aggressive environments, and for the night it is obligatory to apply fat cream. It is quite good to use cream on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

Let's pass to legs. First of all, you watch that on your legs vascular asterisks have not appeared - it is the first symptom of varicosity which is quite serious disease and that is especially sad, it is practically not treated. However, consequences of varicosity can be reduced. If you have noticed at you speakers wreaths standing - do not postpone visit to the phlebologist. The expert will help you to get rid of them.

Knees, as well as elbows, are often deprived of attention. Unfortunately, with age on them there can be fat deposits or droop skin. That it has not occurred - anti-cellulite massage, sport, protein in food, it is a lot of water. The mesotherapy and course of vacuum massage will help with the started cases. Surely rub cream and in knees.

Add our recommendations to the daily list of affairs for appearance and you receive surprising result. Of course, eternal youth we will not subordinate, but we will be able easily to prolong body youth!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team