As it is correct to pick up color to hair

As it is correct to pick up color to hair

The hair color strongly affects appearance of the person. Having changed it, it is possible to become more senior or is younger, to change style and image, to hide face defects. But uniform rules at the choice of hair color do not exist as various shades look differently depending on appearance type. Therefore with the choice of ideal tone there can be problems. It is the simplest to resolve them, having registered in consultation to the stylist.


  1. Define color and condition of face skin. If you have clean, smooth face free of defects and bright features, you can dye hair in saturated, very dark or platinum color. Remember that such ideal and deep shades demand faultless condition of skin as they reveal all shortcomings on face. If you have birthmarks, freckles, shramik or other features, try transitional options.
  2. The skin color will also help with the choice: to owners of olive skin there are warm shades (honey, color ginger or milk chocolate). Pale-skinned dark brown or ashy colors and also tone "chestnut", "eggplant", "wild plum" approach. From skin, pinkish from the nature, it is desirable for people to choose cold shades: ashy blond, sandy, "champagne" as warm colors give to skin flush. You should not paint hair about red if you are inclined to reddenings or allergic reactions on face. And golden tone give small yellowness which is well noticeable on yellowish skin. Therefore people with Asian appearance are not recommended to choose such colors.
  3. When choosing color for hair consider color of eyes. If you have green, brown or nut colors (any warm shades), choose the same warm colors – red, golden, red. It is better to emphasize blue, blue and gray eyes with ashy or fair hair, but also dark hair will approach.
  4. Estimate coloristic type of the appearance who all are allocated by four: winter, fall, spring and summer. The winter type differs in dark hair, skin of cool shades. They suit black, dark, ashy fair hair, but warm golden tone looks not really well. People of tsvetotip can have "fall" various color of eye, warm shade skin and hair with reddishness or just bright, saturated shades. If you belong to type of fall, choose chocolate, copper, brown or chestnut tone, but avoid shades blond.
  5. The spring is fair hair, blue, green or nut eyes. As well as to autumn types, them there are golden colors, but less saturated, light. The summer type differs in cold color of skin, blue and gray eyes and fair hair. If you have this type, choose various shades blond or shatenovy tone, but avoid dark colors of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team