As it is correct to shave bikini zone

As it is correct to shave bikini zone

In intimate zone it is possible to get rid of hairs set of ways. But, perhaps, the most democratic at the price, available and fast option shaving is considered. Despite prevalence of such method not all know how it is correct to shave bikini zone.


1. That shaving of zone of bikini was effective and easy, get rid before of long hairs by means of scissors as the razor can not cope with them. Be accurate, hold with one hand hairs for tips not to wound skin in intimate zone.

2. To shave bikini zone, use disposable machines, it much more gigiyenichny. However in modern shops it is seldom possible to meet such razors of high quality therefore most of women uses more expensive reusable machines with replaceable edges. On sale it is possible to see female and men's razors. The first are safer for shaving of zone of bikini as have special strips for softer removal of hair with the moisturizing cream.

3. It is necessary to shave bikini zone correctly with use of special foam or gel which is evenly applied to the skin which is slightly moistened with water. Female and men's means for shaving differ in smell and content of the moisturizing substances, however it is quite possible to use for removal of hair in zone of bikini both those, and others. If you have sensitive skin, then get special means for gentle skin better.

4. You drive the machine in the direction of growth of hair. At such shaving you will avoid growing of hairs.

5. To prolong effect of shaving of zone of bikini, apply the means which is slowing down growth of hair to skin. It not only will make removal of hair young growth in the intimate place more rare, but also will well moisturize the skin and will calm her.

6. As for the choice of option of hairstyle, here your imagination will become the only restriction. Modern women even visit special salons where it is possible to make the drawing and any figured hairstyle on the intimate place to surprise the beloved. However most often shave off hair on all zone of growth, leaving thin vertical stripe on the center, beginning it is several centimeters higher than vulvar lips.

7. If you do not know how it is correct to shave bikini zone, try to remove for a start only hairs which are visible because of the line of shorts. It is possible to experiment periodically with hairstyles, then further you will surely find for yourself the most convenient option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team