As it is correct to wash the head

As it is correct to wash the head

There are basic rules of washing of the head. They are our assistants in giving to hair of force, beauty and gloss.

Before washing the head, it is desirable to make massage of roots of hair and head skin with use of essential oils. It is necessary to rub oil quiet massage movements of all fingertips. Then, having distributed hair on lock (that they have not got confused), to apply oil on all length. It is recommended to carry out such procedures if hair dry, fragile or painted.

It is possible to try solids (powder, powder, talc or flour) to clean hair. Powder is applied on roots of hair and is rubbed by easy movements in head skin. Means needs to be deleted with hairbrush as soon as it becomes fat. Happens so that right after washing of the head, grow dull and hair do not give in to laying. In this case broths of curative herbs well help.

After have washed the head, it is necessary to rinse hair infusion of camomile, burdock or mint. To prepare infusion very easily — it is necessary to fill in with boiled water 3 spoons of herbs and to allow to infuse. That hair were not only healthy, but at the same time also shone beauty as in commercials, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • it is necessary to comb hair before washing of the head;
  • to use only warm water;
  • to wash the head not more often than once a week (council of dermatologists);
  • as seldom as possible to use hair dryers, irons and curling irons.

If hair have to be washed more often, then it is necessary to use so-called soft shampoo. On their bottles usually write what can be used daily. At the same time it is necessary to wash away foam from hair long and carefully (because foam is washed away quicker, and in hair there are fine particles of shampoo).

First of all upon purchase of shampoo it is necessary to pay attention to pH level — it has to be equal 6 or be on value closely to it. But whatever wrote on labels, it is necessary to notice that the main destination of shampoos is clarification, but not giving to our hair of gloss and beauty. Therefore for achievement of the maximum effect it is necessary to use along with them also hair conditioner.

The fact is that various useful additives which feed are part of conditioners and moisten hair, adding them primitive, natural gloss, freshness and silkiness which are so appreciated by women and fascinate men. Of course, on sale meets both rolled into one that very conveniently in the savings plan of time, but it is not necessary to be fond of them nevertheless as the real hair care assumes the stage-by-stage solution of task — at first clarification of hair, then only food and improvement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team