As it is easy to remove hypostases from face

As it is easy to remove hypostases from face

Hypostases on face can make unattractive even very beautiful woman. There is a lot of reasons for appearance of hypostases: diseases of endocrine and cardiovascular systems, problems with kidneys, PMS, long avitaminosis, allergy to any factors, overfatigue, excess of liquid or alcohol. If there are any chronic diseases, then hypostases are chronic and their emergence is natural, and here it is quite simple to cope with suddenly appeared puffiness.

If the party, arrival of guests or the beloved mother-in-law, office party at work comes, then it is necessary to resort to emergency measures.

One of fast ways to remove hypostases is compresses.

Compress with salty water

It can remove hypostases literally for hour, but it is possible to resort to such radical methods not more often than once a month. So, holding procedure requires bowl into which pour water liter, and dissolve in it two tablespoons of salt. In the received solution it is necessary to moisten terry towel, to accurately put it on face, having left only area of nose, to cover from above with dry towel. The compress before full cooling is maintained, on it about half an hour then it is necessary to rinse face with cool water is required and to apply fat cream.

Compresses with hot and cold water

For fast effect it is possible to do contrast compresses, alternating also the cold towel is hotter. The towel moistened in the most hot water which is held on face before cooling, then cold towel - for 30-40 seconds will be the first. Lotions alternate 3-4 times. The procedure comes to an end with cold compress then the face needs to be blotted with tissue and to apply nutritious cream or face oil.

Mask with crude potatoes ​

About advantage of potato juice is told much, it will help and with fight against hypostases. For this purpose potato of the average sizes needs to be washed out, grated well on average grater, to lay out on gauze and to put on face, I try to avoid area of eyes. It is necessary to sustain potato mask 30-40 minutes then to wash cold water and to apply cream, it is better not fat. The similar mask perfectly will be suitable for neck and area of decollete. If skin is inclined to the fat content or acne rash, then it is possible to add several drops of lemon juice to potato weight.

Of course, it is better to prevent appearance of hypostases, and for this purpose it is necessary to observe some recommendations sacredly:

- to sleep not less than 6 - 8 hours on low pillow;

- to apply cream for 1 - 2 hour before withdrawal for sleeping, and to delete surpluses with napkin or cotton pad;

- to limit the salt use;

- not to drink a lot of liquid for the night, to exclude spicy, fat, smoked products, especially for dinner;

- to include carrots, oranges, lemons, apples and watermelons in diet.

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