As it is possible to bleach teeth of the house or at the stomatologist

As it is possible to bleach teeth of the house or at the stomatologist

make-up and hairstyle are capable to work wonders with female appearance, but nothing so attracts views as snow-white smile. In what ways it is possible to bleach teeth of the house or in office at the stomatologist?

Teeth become yellow for various reasons. To darkening of enamel the wrong hygiene of mouth, medicines, smoking, tea and coffee can bring in large number. Impact on enamel happens gradually and almost imperceptibly, but over the years unpleasant consequences are shown more and stronger. It is possible to clean teeth in house conditions or by means of the stomatologist.

House methods of bleaching of teeth need to be used with care not to damage enamel. It is possible to use special gels and pastes, it is possible to carry kappa or to use the bleaching strips. Pastes and gels are recommended to be used not more often than 2 times a week. Carrying cap gives the greatest effect, but only in case they are made by the dentist on individual mold, otherwise the bleaching substance can flow from them, leading to burn of gums. houseconditionsThe special covering from gel with hydrogen peroxide in basis is applied to the bleaching strips which are used in . They need to be imposed on teeth every day within week literally for several minutes. Strips work not so effectively as kappa, but at the same time possess the sparing impact on teeth. House methods of bleaching of tooth enamel are suitable for those who are afraid of visit of the stomatologist, but it is not necessary to expect instant and miracle effect from them.

The means applied by stomatologists can provide the Hollywood smile. The effective procedure is bleaching on ZOOM technology (ZOOM 3). Gums the patient are closed by protective material, and gel with hydrogen peroxide content is applied on teeth. Under the influence of ultra-violet lamp (ZOOM 3), gel is activated, and the bleaching substances begin to get through enamel, splitting pigment. The procedure continues about an hour, during this time teeth become several shades more white. Lack of this way of bleaching is the high price and unpleasant feelings which the person has some time: teeth begin to ache and react to cold or hot food. After the procedure it is not recommended to have black tea, coffee, red wines, it is necessary to refrain from products with dyes.

One more professional procedure is called Air Flow. During it the powerful stream from water and air which deletes pollution and raid goes to teeth. Clarification and bleaching happens at the expense of special powder which softly influences enamel. Bleaching of teeth suits not all as there are contraindications, for example, defects of enamel, hypersensibility of teeth, pregnancy and lactation, allergy to components which are part of medicines. Any bleaching has to begin with visit to the stomatologist that he could advise medicines individually.

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