As it is possible to clarify mustache

As it is possible to clarify mustache

Dark short moustaches over upper lip are sign of courage and can decorate men. But hardly such young growth will please the young girl or the woman. It is possible to get rid of mustache by means of national methods, having applied the clarifying structures.

It is required to you

  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - shaving foam;
  • - thin brush;
  • - dope seeds;
  • - vodka.


  1. It is quickly possible to clarify mustache by means of hydrogen peroxide. Before use of peroxide carry out reaction to sensitivity. Apply one-two drops on elbow bend. If in 24 hours on skin there was no allergic reaction, you can start direct clarification of mustache. Remember that the sensitivity test it is necessary to carry out every time. Even if you repeatedly used such method, the hormonal background can change over time that will cause emergence of allergic reactions.
  2. Add 5-6 drops of 12% peroxide of hydrogen, 2 peas about match head of dense shaving foam to glass capacity. Carefully mix everything, apply by means of thin brush on mustache, in 15 minutes carefully wash away water, apply nutritious cream to skin. It is rational to use such method in the presence of small short moustaches at white-skinned ladies. For black girls clarification of mustache – not way of solution as instead of, for example, dark, you receive colourless short moustaches which will be evident only a little less.
  3. As national methods you can use gruel of the seeds of dope mixed with vodka to density of sour cream. You cause structure once a day and mustache will get colourless coloring and will be imperceptible.
  4. Systematically wipe mustache with the cotton pad moistened in hydrogen peroxide. In several days you will notice that not only mustache have become colourless, but also skin over lip became much lighter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team