As it is possible to lose weight if is not after six

As it is possible to lose weight if is not after six

technique of weight loss Is not after six is one of the most popular. In the evening the metabolism decreases and therefore the food eaten at this time completely goes for creation of fatty tissue. If to refuse food after 18:00 hours, the organism will gradually get rid of fat stocks. That is not after six and to lose weight, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations.


  1. You do not starve yourself at all, you are able to afford to eat some easy fruit dessert, for example, the fat-free yogurt. Calories from such dinner will not increase, and here the appetite will decrease. Besides, you can eat small piece of boiled chicken, a few stewed vegetables, vegetable salad or omelet. In addition, you can eat 20 grams of cheese, it not only will save you from feeling of hunger, but also will positively affect dream.
  2. Take before going to bed the weakening warm shower or walk on fresh air within 15-20 minutes. It will allow you to distract, to fall asleep and not to think of food quicker.
  3. Do not buy high-calorific products to the house, they will only tempt you with the look. Whenever possible fill the fridge with fruit.
  4. Exclude excessively hot spices from the diet. They are capable to enhance appetite.
  5. As soon as possible clean teeth. Perhaps, you do not want to soil them, and it will stop you from consumption of food.
  6. During the day eat reasonable amount of food and do not miss lunch.
  7. Refuse in the evening tonic teas, coffee and alcohol, these drinks not only tempt appetite, but also are capable to interrupt sleep.
  8. Ask the relatives that they have supported you and did not eat high-calorie, fragrant and very tasty food at your presence.
  9. Remember that any diet is observance of healthy nutrition every day. Try to adhere to daily chosen mode of the consumption of food and its right choice.
  10. Distract with strong feeling of hunger by some affairs, for example, speak by phone, watch the interesting movie or read the book.
  11. If refusal of dinner for you - huge stress, do not resort to this technique of weight loss. The nervous tension, fatigue and stress will not make you beautiful and healthy. Do not grow thin at the price of own health, otherwise in the future you will face serious problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team