As it is possible to use thermal water

As it is possible to use thermal water

water – the unique liquid extracted from underground sources. To moisturize the skin and to support moisture level for all day now not problem. It is enough to carry the small bottle filled with highly mineralized water in make-up bag.

Choose thermal water correctly

Thermal water isotonic is suitable for very dry, sensitive and angry skin. It is possible to use it for all year, without being afraid that skin will not receive in addition mineral substances.

Hydrokarbonatno-natriyevaya water is ideal for the combined and oily skin inclined to formation of acne. Mineral composition of such water has bactericidal effect, humidifies deep layers of epidermis and interferes with formation of black dots and pimples.

How to use thermal water

Apply thermal water several times throughout the day. You can irrigate skin after acceptance of shower or washing at once. Then to apply suitable cream, again to sprinkle skin. After use of decorative cosmetics, thermal water will help to fix the tinting means and for a long time to moisturize the skin. During the working day use thermal water as means of ambulance. If at office the ventilation or the conditioner systematically works, heating devices, air indoors becomes excessively dry. It negatively is reflected in your skin. At systematic use of thermal water you can not worry that your skin will prematurely become covered by wrinkles. Sufficient level of moisture content and full leaving is irreplaceable components for long maintenance of beauty and youth. Daily moistening is required not only to face skin, but also neck, area of decollete. In hot season, moisture in epidermis is lost much quicker. Having several times pressed the spray, and having irrigated face, neck and zone of decollete, you will feel the maximum freshness and will be sure that skin has received enough moisture. Gathering in holiday, do not forget to take thermal water. After the sea and the sun your skin requires special care. Right after you have taken shower, sprinkle all body biologically active liquid. If your skin has burned down in the sun, and here thermal water will become the irreplaceable assistant. Spray curative liquid on the burned sites several times a day. Already in a day you will feel noticeable simplification. Skin will not bubble and peel off. Add several drops of thermal water to cream for care for skin of face and body. Thus, you in addition enrich cosmetic with minerals which are so necessary for maintenance of health, beauty and youth of your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team