As it is the best of all to increase hair

As it is the best of all to increase hair

Hair extension — quite popular procedure. Having decided on such serious step, it is necessary to approach the choice of the master and technology of attachment of donor locks responsibly. Allocate two main methods: also cold building is hotter.

Hot building

At hot method the donor curls are fixed on the client's hair by means of pitch or keratin. Distinguish the English and Italian techniques.

On the English technology the building is done by the melted keratinaceous pitch which is applied by means of the special glue gun. Temperature of the warmed pitch is much lower, than curling irons or irons therefore does not make harmful effects on hair.

In the Italian technique the master uses locks with the keratinaceous plates which are in advance applied on them. The keratin is melted by means of thermonippers or ultrasound, soldering locks to hair. Then special nippers form flat small knots. Some masters do capsules manually, but at the same time they turn out more volume.

Building is hotter is the strongest and almost imperceptible. The created capsules turn out very small and remind small small knot. On such technology it is possible to increase even bang. All the technician have pluses and minuses. So, when building with use of keratin it is impossible to visit baths and saunas and also to apply masks and hair balms which can destroy capsules.

Cold building

Cold building is carried out with use of special glue or metal clips. It is considered to be that the cold method is safer since in the course of attachment of locks the hair of the client are not exposed to chemical or thermal influences. Refer the German, Spanish and Chinese technologies to cold way. By the German technique the donor locks in the form of wide tapes fix to hair special silicone structure. Tape building more noticeable and demands more frequent correction. The Spanish technology consists in attachment of additional hair by means of medical glue. Such technique is similar to hot building, but is more sparing. Essential lack of this procedure is that it is the most difficult to remove the hair increased in such a way. Building by the Chinese method is carried out by means of metal clips throughout which are passed own and donor spin and are fixed by special clip at roots of hair. Clip-on earrings have very small size that does building almost imperceptible. Pluses of such method is that it can be made even on short hair, clip-on earrings very small and are almost not felt at touches, there are no restrictions for use of cosmetics and visit of bath or sauna. What building to choose, everyone solves for himself, weighing pluses and minuses of each technology. But at the same time you should not forget about the careful choice of the master since the end result, first of all, depends on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team