As on marigold to draw snowflake

As on marigold to draw snowflake

What winter without snow? And if you have it directly on marigold? Below the interesting option of performance of snowflake is shown. Such design will surely give New Year's mood to his owner.

  • - nail buffer,
  • - primer,
  • - base,
  • - top,
  • - color gel polish,
  • - white gel-paint,
  • - microgloss or spangles of high milling,
  • - rhinestones and/or caviar beads,
  • - thin brush,
  • - flat brush for gradient,
  • - fan brush or any other, it is convenient to them to take spangles from jar,
  • - klinser or other liquid for removal of stickiness.
  • The sample is shown on tipsa, but the description is given as this design becomes on nail.

1. The nail is standardly prepared. Nail buffer gloss is removed, it is processed by primer, the base is caused and dries in lamp. In this design the snowflake is drawn on gradient. The nail becomes covered with blue and white gel polish joint in joint, the flat brush accurately shades border between white and blue color, a little, kind of layering one color on another. Further the design is dried in lamp.

2. The same is made the second time. The nail is dried. If necessary, if the layer has turned out not really dense, the gradient is drawn also the third time. On photo it is applied in two layers.

3. Further the design becomes covered by top. From above the fan brush on not dry-through surface of nail slightly powders spangles. Further the design is dried in lamp. If the top with sticky layer, surface is wiped with klinser. If because of abundance of spangles the nail has turned out uneven, it is possible to walk nail buffer to smooth all roughnesses. The nail is once again wiped with klinser.

4. Further by means of white gel-paint and thin brush ends are put nail, and to the center of future snowflake beams are extended. At this stage the drawing can be dried in lamp.

5. On the right and to the left of each main beam the thin brush puts ends and are extended to the basis. To connect together each ray of snowflake, in the center the circle is drawn. The design is dried in lamp.

6. The nail is once again blocked by top and dried up in lamp. The snowflake is ready. That to decorate it and to make more elegant, in the center and on the surface of nail it is possible to paste several rhinestone and/or caviar beads.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team