As quickly and easily to grow hair in house conditions

As quickly and easily to grow hair in house conditions

Each woman wants to have beautiful, thick and long hair. Also it is desirable that they grew quickly and without any problem. Day by day we watch on beautiful women with shiny, magnificent hairs on TV and, of course, we want to have the same head of hear. But, unfortunately, not each young lady has such curls by nature. Most often the beautiful hairstyle is result of long and very attentive hair care.

The hair grows from follicle in which the set of difficult chemical processes proceeds, it also has the main and direct impact on quality of the hair and speed of its growth.

Therefore it is necessary to look after not only locks, but also behind head skin, to feed follicles, to induce them to growth.

Curl growth rate directly depends on age and the state of health of the person. They usually grow in children's age on 1.3 centimeters a month, at adults – on 1.5, and at elderly people – on 1 centimeter a month. To strengthen growth of hair, it is possible to use various means which will help to accelerate process and to achieve result – 2 centimeters in one month. These are cosmetics which stimulate follicle. Usually such procedures are carried out in beauty shops.

But it is possible to achieve good results and in house conditions.

If you want to grow quickly long hair, try not to injure them, especially when they are in stage of intensive growth, seriously approach the choice of hairbrushes, elastic bands and hairpins. Buy massage brush which will not confuse and injure hair, and daily do massage, carrying out not less than hundred times on hair. It stimulates bulbs and accelerates process of growth of hair.

That curls did not split and did not break that negatively affects their growth, from time to time apply on them special oils which feed tips. Try to use the iron and the hair dryer only in extreme cases not to overdry lock. And if all of you regularly use them, buy special thermoprotective equipment.

Also the balanced food, with enough minerals and vitamins is important, they directly influence chemical processes in the follicle. It is also possible to use various additives containing calcium, potassium, iodine, magnesium and biotin. It is obligatory to enter nuts, dairy products, vegetables and fruit into the diet.

It is possible to address folk remedies. Throughout ages of the woman thanks to natural ingredients had long, brilliant curls.

There are excellent recipes of masks on the basis of egg yolk, olive oil, honey, onions, sour cream and even yeast.

Here one of such recipes: pound egg yolk with tablespoon of liquid honey, apply weight on hair and take 30-40 minutes. After that carefully wash out the head, rinse with water with addition of vinegar.

If you have dry hair, it is possible to add olive or castor oil to this mask. For bigger effect some women prefer to add several teaspoons of polished onions to weight.

All these means perfectly strengthen hair, stimulate their growth, add gloss and force. But, besides, do not forget about healthy lifestyle, so necessary for smoothly running work of all organism. Try to get enough sleep, do not take excessive amount of alcohol and caffeine, properly eat, refrain from nervous experiences, reduce quantity of stresses.

Having read all our recommendations, you began to possess sufficient information on how quickly to grow hair in house conditions. Now everything depends only on your desire and patience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team