As quickly and effectively to get rid of dandruff

As quickly and effectively to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff – the phenomenon extremely unpleasant. It not only gives to the person esthetic inconvenience, but also makes him uncertain in the appearance. Also dandruff can be followed by the itch causing painful feelings. Often availability of dandruff on head skin because of constant hackling leads to hair loss. In what way it is possible to get rid of this problem, having kept beauty of hair and health of head skin?

It should be noted that dandruff is disease therefore treatment needs to be begun with careful inspection and consultation of the doctor. As in drugstores the set of means from dandruff is on sale (it both various ointments, and shampoos), each of which has the advantages and contraindications, it is necessary to use them only according to purpose of the expert. As for house dandruff medicines, often, they are not less effective though their cost is much lower than pharmaceutical means.

One of effective means from dandruff is usual vinegar. It is worth applying it as follows: two teaspoons of vinegar with six teaspoons of warm boiled water mix up then liquid is applied to skin. After drawing, hair are wrapped up in towel and in such look, without washing away, are left for the night. It is worth applying repeatedly to skin the same mix in the morning, then to wash away it water. At the same time you should not be afraid of vinegar smell as it will quickly disappear.

The second (more natural) dandruff medicine is the nettle. Its leaves need to be filled in with boiled water and after they have infused about half an hour, to rinse the washed-up hair. So skin will better be purified, and the itch will calm down. Also hair can be rinsed water with lemon juice.

Not less effective way of disposal of white scales on shoulders – use of oils: burdock or castoric. It is possible to take any of them and just to rub hands in head skin. Then it is necessary to wind hair with polyethylene, and from above – towel. Such mask has to hold on on hair half an hour then it should be washed away shampoo. After passing of course of such procedures from dandruff there should not be also trace. It is also possible to use tar soap. As it dries skin, it is necessary to put moisturizing mask surely.  

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