As the girl of 23 years has to look after herself

As the girl of 23 years has to look after herself

In the girl's youth most often make mistakes in personal care. It is so strange to see fashionably the dressed and made up girl but at the same time not brushed or with dirty footwear. Care of beauty of image in general is very important.

Skin and teeth

It is necessary to begin leaving in 23 years with face skin. At this age skin still young and fresh. On it there are practically no mimic wrinkles even. It is important to keep skin in such state on the next several flying. For this purpose it is necessary to buy face young skin cream. Frequent components of such means: extract of camomile, calendula and extract from other herbs, zinc, yeast, aloe, salicylic acid, medical and vitamin complexes. Some components are directed to fight against pimples, others are intended for skin moistening and nutrition. Sufficient moistening is basis in young skin care. Often at young age at girls the combined skin type, when the T-zone fat, and on other sites skin normal or inclined to fat content. Therefore select special cream and surely use face toner. The vitamin complexes entering tonic neutralize excessive release of fat on the T-zone.

The normal type of skin also requires constant moistening. Consider that young skin cream should not be anti-aging at all. In 23 years, skin itself still produces collagen, elastin and other substances necessary for it. Using cream against wrinkles, you can spoil skin. And it will be already very difficult to return former healthy state.

Apply toothpaste, special conditioners and tooth threads to maintaining whiteness and health of teeth. Do not forget to visit the stomatologist in time. Eat only healthy food, and after meal always rinse mouth. It will not allow bacteria to breed after the next meal.

Hair and nails

The biggest problem of hair of young girls are split ends and dryness. For a start choose length of hair which you want to carry or make hairstyle. Every month cut hair on 1 cm. It will allow to avoid problem of split ends with ease. Once a week you apply any oil on tips of hair: castoric, sea-buckthorn, jojoba and so on. You hold oil of 30 minutes, and later wash away water and wash the head with shampoo. Oils smooth structure of hair and interfere with its stratifying. At dry hair do masks for hair of oils and also of dairy products, eggs and honey. In these substances (eggs and dairy products) there is protein so necessary for moistening of hair. Do masks regularly and hair will become healthier and more beautiful. The problem of oily hair is often shown at young age too. The increased secretion of sebaceous glands can be connected with stress, periodic sessions or examinations. It is possible to fight with excessive fat by means of special shampoos and grass broths. In 23 years the important value plays nail care. It is necessary to be able to maintain their purity and beautiful view. Take care by means of nail and quality hand cream baths. Remember that hands give age of the woman. Therefore begin to look after them as soon as possible.


Grow in young age of eyebrow very actively therefore it is necessary not to forget to pull out the grown hairs and bushes under eyebrows in time. It looks very carelessly. Give to eyebrows the accurate and beautiful form by means of tweezers and constantly support it. If you have oval face, make eyebrows arc-shaped. It will give to the face effect of surprise. And here the raised shape of eyebrows is not recommended to triangular face. Give preference to straight lines better. Dense and wide eyebrows always on trend. The nature has presented however not each girl with sable eyebrows. But do not despair. To make eyebrows volume, use the brown or gray shadows suitable you on shade. Just apply shadows on eyebrows and shade on hairs. Try that color laid down on hairs, but not on skin of eyebrows.


Pay attention to heels. Even at young age skin on stupnyakh can already be very rough. For elimination of this shortcoming do leg baths with hot water. At this time rub skin pumice, getting rid of scrapes and natoptyshy. Then dry walk towel, you apply on them cream and put on woolen socks. At regular procedures you will always have soft foot and Piglet. And the most important - derive pleasure from personal care! Even in 23 years you have the right suit yourself small beauty shop at home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team