As the permanent make-up of eyebrows looks

As the permanent make-up of eyebrows looks

Cosmetic change of eyebrows or permanent make-up gives to woman's face completeness, harmony and identity. There is several technician and ways of permanent make-up of eyebrows.

  • The master of permanent make-up of eyebrows, paint for permanent make-up, cosmetic vaseline, dry and wet towel wipes.

1. Types of permanent make-up. Soft shading: as a result of permanent make-up of eyebrow look as though tinted by shadows or planimetric pencil. The hairpin permanent make-up is carried out by strokes. Only high-class experts are capable to draw hairs from root to tips. The direction of hairs at the same time can be miscellaneous: it is east technology of execution of hairpin permanent make-up. The European equipment assumes performance of strokes with observance of interval between them. ""Volume eyebrows"" - combine the background equipment and hairpin. The permanent make-up is carried out by pigments of different shade (alternates dark and light). The result looks naturally, naturally and volume.

2. Before the procedure. In day of implementation of the procedure it is necessary to wash up hair as after permanent make-up of eyebrow it is impossible to wet 3 weeks. To the master it is necessary to come without make-up or with minimum: eyes can water. It is necessary to take wet and dry towel wipes. It is necessary to carry out permanent make-up on the days off or during week-end that there was opportunity couple of days after the procedure to sit at home.

3. The procedure. In the beginning the client together with the master discusses future shape and color of eyebrows. After that the master contour draws shape of eyebrows. Before putting anesthesia it is possible to be looked in mirror and to make any corrections. Anesthesia is special cream which is plentifully applied on eyebrows. As soon as anesthesia works, the master gets to work. The permanent make-up is carried out by means of the special device. It looks as the small written pen with thin needle.

4. Feelings. During the procedure of feeling not pleasant. The master protsarapyvat strokes on growth of eyebrows. Each contour and stroke are painful therefore eyes begin to water automatically. To it it is necessary to be ready morally. Procedure duration for both eyebrows - 1 hour.

5. The result of permanent make-up can be seen in week when the formed crusts descend. New eyebrows will constantly look well-groomed, will easily pinch them on contour and to look after them. Correction in salon will need to be carried out in month or two.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team