As the sexy woman according to men looks

As the sexy woman according to men looks

As it is not sad, but usually women like to decide that men consider sexual and that they are not present. And often such decisions appear widly of the mark.

Of course, each man prefers ""the"" type of women. But there is set of lines which make the woman irresistible, irrespective of circumstances.


Often women too exaggerate the shortcomings. If the man is keen on it, then he will not notice neither excess centimeters on waist, nor extensions, nor the fact that at it mow a little eyes when she laughs. But any man cannot resist against the self-assured woman. From her such energy recognizes that just the spirit zakhvatvat. There is a wish to be near such woman including in bed. 

Ukhozhennost and health

If to speak about appearance, then first of all look at bearing. Nobody is attracted by dejected look. Also hair, hands and skin have got to top - they have to be soft, well-groomed. And at the subconscious level the man estimates the woman as future mother. Therefore often the woman with figure ""hourglasses"" looks much more attractive, than the girl of model appearance. Men love what cannot be found in the in female body: where at them plainly, at the woman it is convex.

Beautiful pure elastic leather and shining bright eyes are health symbol. You watch closely yourself and support the body in proper condition.


Whoever there that told, and the woman has to smell of the woman. Each person has the individual smell, and often it defines, we suit the person or not. Therefore it is so important to pick up spirits which will not block smell of your individual pheromones. Pay to choice of perfume special attention. Choose smell, put it and let's reveal. On each person perfume smells differently. Wait several hours before finally solving what spirits to choose.

You monitor reaction of people around: your appeal will increase repeatedly with the ""correct"" spirits, and it will be visible on the increased interest from men. If you already have elect, be guided by him. He can not notice that you have new spirits, but will surely note that you look smartly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team