As the stress affects appearance

As the stress affects appearance

Stress – integral part of daily occurrence of the modern person. He waits at work and at home, in shop and public transport, on the road or the street. We feel direct influence of stress at once: deterioration in mood, the increased irritability, lack of dream. However not all consequences of stress lie on surface.

The destructive influence of stress not only on mental state, but also on appearance is scientifically proved. What the stress and why it is worth avoiding it is so dangerous by?

  1. Influences condition of face skin.
  2. Forms wrinkles.
  3. Influences condition of hair and nails.
  4. Increases body weight.

Drawing attention of female audience, there is a wish to notice that the stress first of all will affect face skin. Under the influence of stressful factors, skin begins to produce more fat, becoming yellowish and dim. Also, face skin is irritated, painful pimples and eels develop.

Often girls try to disguise or liquidate them by means of cosmetics, without guessing that the reason of deterioration in the general condition of skin – common stress. By the way, wrinkles – the same result of impact of stress on organism. They appear from behind the increased flabbiness of skin and to emotions which mimic are expressed at stress ispytyvaniye. So, for example, often angry people have several wrinkles on nose bridge, at upset and sad – in corners of eyes.

Regular stresses are reflected also in condition of hair and nails. Due to negative impact of stress on nervous cages, nails become more fragile, and hair begin to grow dull and thin. At the same time also the fact that any expensive varnishes, emulsions, shampoos and maxi are not capable to eliminate symptoms is dangerous.

Increase in body weight – one more dangerous (especially for female) the satellite of stress. For certain it is possible to be convinced of it on personal example: at stressful situations getting constantly hungry, at the same time it is more and more caloric, than usually. Ice cream, confectionery and fast food become the most desired food in stressful situations.

Experts have found out that not everything is so simple: the hormone emitted at stress – cortisol is guilty of everything. He forces to eat more, but its direct influence on organism – and is set of weight. That is, it is possible to eat as much or even less, but weight will increase all the same. The reason is that the organism under the influence of this hormone passes into the mode of crisis installation and begins to reserve as much as possible fat deposits for hard times. 

Without any doubts, the stress is extremely dangerous to all human body. Its consequences not only negatively affect appearance, but also are capable to develop into chronic diseases of human organs. Of course, it is possible to use the last word of modern pharmaceutics and to muffle stress by means of tablets, but it will even stronger affect the state of health.

It is important to remember that consequences of stress will influence you, the source is not eliminated yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team