As there is no candy

As there is no candy

The love for candies has simple explanation: chocolate contains special substances thanks to which the person feels more happily in the structure. Therefore the attachment to sweet is caused not only its taste. And all nothing, if not the excess weight which is often appearing at such food. Therefore the problem of how to cease to eat sweet, is rather relevant.


1. If the dependence on candies is rather high, then do not keep them in the house or get in small quantity. Only this way it is possible to be sure that it will be possible to refrain from abuse of sweets.

2. The most dangerous time period for eating of candies – evening. In front of the TV the portion which could become treat for the whole company can be destroyed. Therefore try not to come in the evening into departments with sweets, having left their purchase for the morning before the working day. The candies eaten in the morning more likely will not be laid on hips and waist whereas the evening portion goes exactly there.

3. Do not try to refuse candies completely and in one stage. The similar decision can lead to failure, and will be at the same time eaten much more than if within several days about one or two candies were eaten.

4. Making the decision there is no candy, try to find it worthy replacement. It is unconditional, good to live that who considers useful carrot fine alternative to chocolate, but most of sweet teeth love sugar. Therefore when forming desserts just pay attention to less caloric and more useful. Fruit jelly, fruit candy, zephyr can become those.

5. Remember that sometimes the dependence on sweet is ordinary addiction by means of which household problems and difficulties in private life "are jammed". In order that there are no many candies, it is only necessary to find the equivalent source of pleasure distracting from thirst for sweet. It can be sport, communication or fascinating hobby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team