As there is removal of tattoo the laser

As there is removal of tattoo the laser

The tattoos become more popular, the it is more than persons interested to get rid of them. Often people go to tattoo salon, having given in to impulse or in aspiration to novelty. But the enthusiasm quite often cools down, the drawing bothers, tastes change, and after parting of couple the name of the former passion on shoulder is not relevant any more.

Features of the procedure

At the moment there is the only method to get rid safely of tattoo - to remove it with the laser. The majority of tattoo can be removed without trace, but part nevertheless cannot be reduced completely as modern ink very resistant. Also there is probability that on skin there will be hems, it is especially unpleasant for girls.

The easiest images at white-skinned people from hands, legs, breast and buttocks are removed. On sites where there is not enough fat, for example, on fingers, it is more difficult to make it. The efficiency of data of tattoo in many respects depends on its size and color, situation on body and that, has what is the time passed from the moment of drawing.

Removal of tattoo, as well as its drawing, is quite painful procedure. Here the sensitivity of the person plays role. To someone laser impulses bring bigger discomfort, to someone smaller. In several hours the doctor appoints intake of the anesthetizing medicine. Also anesthetizing ointment can be applied to skin.

The ability of cells of the patient to self-recovery is higher, the trace from the laser on the place of the former tattoo will begin to live quicker.

Laser removal of tattoo is actually cosmetic operation which is much more expensive, than drawing tattoo. Cost depends in many respects on the size, arrangement of the drawing, firmness of pigment.

Removal process

Before the procedure put on the protective screen eyes. The doctor checks individual reaction of the patient to laser radiation on the small site of skin. The stream of light energy in the form of series of fast impulses which breaks paint into small fragments goes to the painted site, and they gradually leave then thanks to renewal of cells of skin. Depending on depth of penetration of ink into skin and their firmness several sessions of laser processing can be required.

As a rule, influence of the laser lasts several minutes, depending on specific tattoo. Usually several sessions within one-two months are required.

After the procedure on skin impose ice for reduction of swelling. Then apply antibacterial ointment and put on sterile bandage. Now skin will need leaving for some time. It is important that the laser operates selectively, mentioning only ink and without injuring skin. However, if the painting pigment has got deeply, several sessions can lead to thermal injury of skin, appearance of pain and bubbles. Some risk of emergence of hems is present too. Such side effects as decolorization or hyperpegmentation of skin can take place. Well and, of course, there is risk of infection with infection at non-compliance with safety rules therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of clinic responsibly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team