Bags under eyes: how to eliminate defect

Bags under eyes: how to eliminate defect

Bags under eyes – the problem concerning many people. Peculiar structure of the membrane which is located between leather and hypodermic cellulose in eye area is the reason of their education. Over time, it becomes very thin. It is influenced by multiple harmful factors which treat: bad food, stresses, allergic reaction to cosmetics, tobacco smoke, hormonal failures and surplus in liquid organism. Specific place is held by hereditary predisposition to problem. Bags under eyes can also be one of signs of violation of work of liver.

1. For their elimination there are set of ways. One of the most popular and effective remedies are the ice cubes prepared from broths of medicative herbs of train, camomile and other curative plants. Wrap cubes fabric, apply to skin for 5 minutes, slightly massing its circular motions. Such cold massage perfectly stimulates blood circulation and removes hypostases. It is more preferable to use similar method in the mornings.

2. For calm of the angry and inflamed eyelids make compresses of tea leaves. Moisten in strong tea (black or green) cotton tampons and apply to eyelid skin for 15-20 minutes. This means not only helps to reduce hypostases, but also tightens eyelid skin.

3. Make 1 h sage grass spoon floor glasses of boiled water, let's infuse within 10 minutes. Cool half of infusion, another has to remain warm. Serially, 10 minutes, put to skin around eyes cold, hot compresses. Upon termination of session apply camphoric oil under eyes. It is desirable to carry out the procedure daily before going to bed within month before full elimination of problem.

4. Prepare potato mask for eyes. Apply 2 tablespoons of polished root crop on gauze and apply to skin under eyes for 15 minutes. On completion of the procedure it is recommended to apply the cream containing vitamins A and E. 10 minutes later remove it and the remains of mask the cotton wool moistened in tea, in the direction to temples.

5. Half-hour masks from gruel of fresh cucumber are very useful to tired eyes. Remarkable means against bags under eyes the mask from parsley is considered. Small chop up plant leaves and apply on lower eyelid. From above it is recommended to impose damp tampon on them. It is possible to moisten it in the above-stated tea leaves. The procedure to last 10-15 minutes and is held before achievement of desirable result.

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