Beautiful and healthy hair - useful tips on leaving

Beautiful and healthy hair - useful tips on leaving

By results of psychological researches, hair are one of the first parameters to which we pay attention at meeting with the person. How to look after hair? How to help them to be strong, dense and beautiful?


  1. You make thrifty use of hair and protect them from harmful factors. You wear cap in cold season. Protect hair from bad weather and from direct sunshine. Try to use on minimum such injuring procedures as chemical wave, thermohair curlers, the curling iron, the rectifier, the iron for hair. In exceptional cases, when you resort to thermoprocedures, previously use the special means protecting hair (for example, skins and sprays for hair dressing with thermoprotection). Experts also recommend not to use the hair dryer if you cannot exclude the hair dryer, then use drying by cold air (modern hair dryers are equipped with such mode).
  2. Correctly wash hair. Water has to be warm, even slightly cool. Use shampoo and the conditioner conditioner which suit your hair. Experts claim that shampoo is not enough, it is necessary to use conditioner that hair were smooth and easily combed hair. By the way, periodically for beauty and health of hair instead of conditioner or after it try to use mineral water: rinse and do not wash away. It is also useful to rinse hair with oak bark infusion (dark hair) or camomile infusion (light) and not to wash away. Try not to comb hair at once after washing - it can injure them.
  3. Attentively choose hair accessories. Ideally, hairbrushes have to be natural (for example, from tree). Begin to comb from tips. Pay attention that scrunchies should not be too narrow - to hair it has to be comfortable.
  4. Regularly straighten tips of hair (once in several months) is necessary procedure at hair care.
  5. Eat properly and regularly. Grain crops, bean, fermented milk products, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, juice are especially useful to health of hair. Try to minimize sweets, flour, sharp and fried. Refuse smoking and alcohol. Try to drink daily enough clear water (tea, coffee and juice are not considered!). Complete course of polyvitamins - the doctor will help to pick up suitable.
  6. Procedures for hair. Try to indulge your hair special masks which recipes you will be able to find in the Internet, proceeding from features of your hair, or address the hairdresser. For example, there is fine means from dry and split ends: before washing of hair moisten tips with olive oil, sustain 10 minutes, further wash up the head as usual. If to use this means it is regular during certain time, the effect will please you.
  7. Experts advise periodically to do massage of the head - it not only is pleasant, but also it is very useful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team